Texas Governor Abbott to hold talks on school violence after massacre

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Live from npr news in washington i'm korva coleman president trump hosts south korean leader moon jae in at the white house today npr scott horsely reports this comes ahead of an expected meaning between trump and north korea's leader this meeting is a chance for president trump and president moon to strategize before a plan summit next month in singapore between trump and north korean leader kim jong own now that meeting has been called into question after north korea suggested it's not willing to give up its nuclear weapons but for now both the us and south korea are proceeding on the assumption the meeting will take place npr's scott horse lame texas governor greg abbott is holding talks about school safety starting today in austin npr's haunting lo wong reports the meetings are in response to last week's high school shooting that left ten dead and thirteen wounded in santa fe texas governor greg abbott is inviting survivors of the santa fe high school shooting plus though some other recent texas shootings advocates for and against more gun control also taking part the meetings are focusing on how to improve safety and security in schools and communities meanwhile the community of santa fe is preparing to reopen its schools wednesday to all staff members this strict has been closed since friday shooting students are set to return to class next tuesday but many parents say they're worried their children won't be ready especially those attending santa fe high school school district officials say they're ready to help ease the transition with more counselors and increased security from police officers on zillow on npr news santa fe texas npr has learned that the education department has launched an internal review after thousands of public schoolteachers saw their grants converted into loans they now have to pay back as npr's chris arnold reports the teachers agreed to teach in low income schools to qualify for the grant money the internal review follows reports on npr revealing the problem and a government estimate that this happened to thousands of teachers caitlyn mccollum of columbia tennessee says she met the teaching requirements but.

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