Hawaii's Kilauea volcano creates toxic stew as lava reaches Pacific

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Breath live from npr news emotion i'm shay stevens primaries are scheduled to be held today in arkansas georgia and kentucky while several runoffs will be held in texas and georgia to democrats are vying for the chance to become the state's first female governor the state gop juba gubernatorial primary is a three way contest meanwhile a veterans group is criticizing an ad in a kentucky democratic primary npr's quil lawrence reports that a former fighter pilot is running against the mayor of lexington the front running democrats in kentucky six district are aiming mcgrath a combat veteran and jim gray the popular mayor of lexington their politics are similar the ads haven't gone too negative than last week and add clean mcgrath only moved home to kentucky to run for congress she's lived around the country and the world serving our nation we're all grateful for that but now she's running for congress to represent the one place she's never lived here a veterans group supporting mcgrath says she you can't be criticized for twenty years away in the marine corps the great campaign says it's fair to point out she hasn't spent recent years in kentucky both campaigns now accused the other of going negative the winner will try to unseat three term republican andy barr in the fall quil lawrence npr news santa fe high school south of houston remains closed following a mass shooting there last week the seventeen rolled alleged gunman is being held on ten counts of murder and other charges school district police officer john barnes is among the thirteen people injured in the attack his condition has now been upgraded from critical stable law is pouring from killer way of volcano into the ocean off hawaii's big island as a new eruption sent another ash cloud thousands of feet into the air and hawaii public radio's bill dorman reports that it setting off a chemical reaction those lava pushes its way into the ocean it produces what scientists call lays lava combining with volcanic as one of the byproducts is hydrochloric acid another tiny pieces of glass.

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