'I love you, dad': James Gandolfini's son pays tribute to him on the 5th anniversary of the 'Sopranos' star's death (updated)


Tanger blues band while governor phil murphy and actor hugh jackman rocked out kessler reporting former mexican president takes a seat on a board to push for legalization of marijuana former mexican president vicinity fox calls himself a soldier in the global campaign to legalize marijuana he's now joining the board of directors of the publication high times fox's stance is strictly business he believes a robust legal marketplace only new jobs and medicines and could one day be a part of the north american free trade agreement among mexico canada and the us fox also says legal weed could cut cartel violence in his home country daria albinger abc news number of americans who smoke cigarettes has reached the lowest level ever recorded centers for disease control and prevention reports just under fourteen percent of americans smoked in two thousand seventeen in cities rate was even lower eleven percent but higher in rural areas fifty years ago more than forty percent of americans were smokers five years ago today the world was stunned by the death of james gandolfini june nineteenth two thousand thirteen stunned stunned by his sudden death james gandolfini was in italy on vacation with his family when he had a heart attack while alone in his room was found by his thirteen year old son family and friends were crush joe pinto liana was again phoenix funeral that's what he should be remembered as an amazing artist gala feeney won three emmys for his role as mob boss tony soprano on the hbo series the sopranos the role that defined his career next time you'll find yourself in a back trucks james gandolfini was fifty one when he died jason nathanson abc news hollywood shitting shopping be as much fun as summer itself that's what macy's backstage is.

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