Saudi-led forces begin assault on Yemen port city of Hodeida


Let's start this half hour in yemen were gunfire has erupted in east strategic port city of hodeida as the saudi led coalition stead line expired for who the rebels to withdraw from their data is the port of entry for most of the humanitarian aid to yemen the country courses on the brink of a famine so it needs that aid badly earlier this week the united nations and the international red cross withdrew their staff from the city fearing an attack was imminent the united arab emirates part of the saudi led coalition said diplomacy hadn't managed to get the ho the alliance to leave they regarded their deadline has expired and military operations would begin i spoke earlier to the bbc's frank gardner who's currently in yemen i think it's an inevitability that if the hutus didn't withdraw militias from the city that the and the saudi and the yemeni government had really lost patients they made that very clear to me i spoke a few hours ago to the yemeni for minister and he said this this deadline that was announced this was a decision agreed by all parties in the coalition they had set their sights sometime again more than a year ago the coalition on her data being the key tipping point so this is something that they've they've decided they've got to do and they seem to be ignoring international protests by eight groups of the enormous humanitarian cost this is going to be in the short term at any rate to ordinary yemenis or frank gardner they're referring to the united nations and the red cross as well who've been calling this morning for all sides to protect civilians in the fighting six hundred thousand people at least civilians in her data let speak now to mohammed abdi who is the country director for yemen on behalf of the norwegian refugee council and mohammed we heard there that some organizations have already pulled their staff out you still have people there in the.

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