E3 2018: Lara Croft battles for her life in gritty new 'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' trailer



Just doing everything at us at once the tomb raider trailer came we got a big idiot xbox montage which is like bewildering to many games even keep track of and then these tomb raider trailer i think was an excellent trailer i was really impressed with just how that trail was put together that game looks awesome i'm so ready for that game is she a bad guy sherie is that what they're saying like she can change time but was to face stuff in know i was i thought it was a good trailer but at the same time in this coming for that absolutely loved tomb raider in rise of the tomb raider i just wanna know either how you're gonna do what those games did better or if we're gonna do something different i kinda didn't get that sense from the trailer so i'm kind of i don't know third games are always dyson to me especially when the first two are really good yeah you know so while i wanna go in you know super super excited about it i'm excited but at the same time i'm almost preparing myself to be let down only not let down because the game has bad letdown because the first game says such a high bar that i'm lamb much more can they go unless they really try something like i thought rising to mayors a masterpiece as it was our game of the year that you're on the show yeah this one too i'm i'm really excited for it.

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