3 things to know about net neutrality's end


To speed up service for some slowdowns service for others the net neutrality law is now expired however former fcc staffer mark martin says consumers can still way in comers can always make their voices heard to the companies directly that provide them service they can also make noise with their congressman and senator you know this this will require congress to step in at some point so not to mention you know with your state legislatures you know again california's considering this legislation now and if you if consumers get together and make their voices heard then something will happen martin also tells us you can expect to pay more soon for things like high resolution four k video and other new services news is brought to you by pacific coast termite mayor tom tate of anaheim one of many local leaders who took part in the conference of mayors in boston he tells k next he's going to be studying an app that he learned about at the meeting it's a way of tackling the housing crisis brings together people with the empty rooms in their homes in those who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads you wipe your senior and maybe you're a widow or winter and you're living in i have to go house by yourself and your only maybe your kids have moved another state or something meanwhile we also have this housing crisis and then might be a single mother of two who's working very hard and having trouble making ends meet can't afford rent tapes who's the republicans is the nonpartisan meeting also looked at boosting infrastructure spending on roads and bridges ways the latest technology to help city serve their populations these stations luca lake that was once home to bob and dolores hope has finally been sold supermarket mogul ron burkle bought the roughly five acre property for fifteen million dollars the state was i put on the market in two thousand thirteen with an asking price of nearly twenty eight million dollars but there wasn't enough interest so the price was cut this is the.

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