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Change because let's face it that target on the warriors back just grew even more teams are going to look at what the houston rockets did this year and they're going to say okay that's the blueprint right there three in baby get out there shooting threes when you get the warriors with the ball in their hand get him in a bunch of isolation obviously you know you wanna you wanna trap curry as much as possible try and make life uncomfortable for him but the bottom line is with this warriors team it's just pick your poison and the cavs did so much switching in this series and you know at the end of the day too much in my opinion i agree but at the end of the day if you're tyrod lou there is only so much you could do i mean just overmatched at least the houston rockets and i was talking to kevin arnovitz about this scoop jackson and you know he said that you know you you give the rockets credit because they got real about you know needing defense bringing in those guys when they signed pj tucker last offseason i said now that's the kind of signing that they need they need to add some grit they need to add some sandpaper to that lineup they need to add system defense i mean hardens a terrible defender pj tucker was great against the war he was great in that series and you wonder if chris paul hadn't gotten hurt where would that thing in but he got hurt so we don't ever have to wonder because tonight there's a parade in the bay and it's just that simple let's

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