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And she's like you're on speakerphone right ri the kids want to know are the warriors gonna win tonight and i was like check it out kids i was like the cavs are about at the end of their rope they're running out of gas i said they might put up kind of their triumphant last stand i said the words might have to weather a bit of a storm early it'll probably be reasonably close at the half i said the warriors will pull away in the third quarter and the fourth quarter will just be about giving hugs and and doing curtain calls for lebron etc which is precisely what happened so you're welcome bail them entry it sounds like you have to watch the game tonight but yeah warriors indie close out tonight they get a terrific game from steph curry thirty seven points for steph tonight and we were wondering if it was going to be enough for him to snatch away the finals mvp from kevin durant i tweeted this out i said if we can't decide between k d and steph let's just give it to chevelle mcgee and call it a day and keep it moving i mean that was what i wanted i actually put out a poll at ryan kobe on twitter which is a great place to get hot takes by the way at ryan kobe on twitter just you should definitely check it out it's a it's a forum of expression and thoughtful insight i said the nba finals should be and i had katie curry jr smith and javale mcgee curry fifty nine percent katie nineteen percent javale mcgee thirteen percent jr smith nine percent i put jr on their respect i love it the dubs fans are chanting mvp and game too l so scandalous let's go to scott and san leandro a quick into drove scott your own came here tonight what's happening right a what are what.

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