Here & Now speaks with Anna North to look at where we are in the Me Too movement

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Allegations against restaurant or mario batali he stepped down from his businesses in december after he was accused of sexual harassment one of the latest ticks in the ongoing metoo movement that's been going on since last year and there's breaking news tonight in the case of movie mogul harvey weinstein just a short time ago about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer cbs this morning co host charlie rose has been terminated by cbs news this comes after resigning the women accusing him schneiderman of nonconsensual physical violence outing it's now for a look at where the movement is now and where it's going is anna north who's a senior reporter at fox and a welcome thanks so much for having me and as of the end of april you tallied more than two hundred celebrities ceo's politicians media executives and others who've been accused since april twenty seventeen just over the past year where are we now with the metoo movement that's a great question so were about six months into this kind of current interational the metoo movement obviously you know me too as term has been around for a long time to ron burke kinda coined it really about a decade ago but i i would date you know this particular sort of version to the big expose about harvey weinstein in the time which was in early october and so i'd say we're kind of we're approaching sort of really interesting time in the movement where we've had a lot of really high profile men be accused and some women and we've had a lot of high profile dismissals and i think a lot of people are asking what happens next would you have a sense of whether the movement has peaked or whether it's just the beginning i think the sort of wave of media coverage that we saw where you know it felt like there were months there where you know another powerful person was kind of being deposed or at least called out every day it feels like that wave has abated a bit at the same time i think there's still a lot of conversation about you know what are we going to do as society about these issues that kind of conversation is really important to continue and we can't lose sight of it when the movement is hit a lot of powerful and famous people including of course matt lauer at nbc's a household name but also much less wellknown people political aides of former state assemblyman who stands out to you so far as having had a major impact yeah i'm in i think you can look weinstein as sort of this initial figure and i think for a lot of the women in survivors who came forward the women who came forward about weinstein really paved the way for them you know i would also mention as is on sorry here because although you know what he was accused of is quite different obviously from what say happy weinstein was accused of i think it was this sort of interesting watershed moment for me to or we had to talk about you know is this going to be about only workplace conduct or are we gonna talk also about private relationship between men and women will end there's the question of what the definition of the metoo movement is what fits into an and what doesn't i was sort of surprised to see that eric schneiderman the new york attorney general who was just accused of sexual abuse by four women step down immediately given that that's abuse rather than unwanted advances as was the case in some situations do you think that eric schneiderman is is me to right it's it's a really good question and i think ultimately you know this is a broad based movement and people are going to sort of have their own definitions of what falls under it but i think it's clearly a time when people are invested in talking about violence against women as well as sort of sexual harassment and when people are invested in talking about all these kinds of power relationships and certainly the kinds of things that item and is accused of certainly amount to abuse of power certainly in that way i think he falls in line with some of the his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the senate with the with the full support of his party what do you think about that that franken democrat resigned and yet president trump has been accused of a lot of things that would fall into this movement and roy moore who he's talking about there who was going for that senate seat in alabama they didn't step down they you know more than win but they they didn't you know step back as he did no more i think remains defiant despite his loss and i'm of course trump is still is still in the white house it's something that has been brought up a lot i think the fact that you know trump has been accused of sexual misconduct now by i think it's nineteen women and you know has faced like relatively few consequences for those accusations although he's now being sued not just by stormy daniels who doesn't alleged misconduct but he's also being sued by summers nervosa who who does allege some sexual misconduct and that case might actually open up some cans of worms for for trump down the road you know i think it this has been very frustrating for a number of people that i've talked to it's very frustrating to see you know this in some ways the most powerful person in the country almost standing apart from me to and not not face anything you know at at the same time i think there's a valid question ask just because trump is still in the white house does that mean that men lake al franken shouldn't face consequences for what they're accused up i'm not sure trump provides an excuse for other men in that way do you think we've started to see any broader social changes as a result of the metoo movement i certainly hope that we have and i hope that we will i think we're starting to see certain things one thing i've been looking at a lot is workplaces that have had you know high profile sort of metoo dismissals and what they're doing to change their practices because a lot of times as we've seen you know it's not it's not just one bad apple there's there's often a systemic problem and there's often people

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