Philadelphia 76ers ownership considering dismissal of Bryan Colangelo after Twitter burner accounts fallout


From this morning six three and bryan colangelo still has a job this after a port from the ringer that used five separate burner accounts to attack players on his roster including joel embiid and marquel foltz glandular claims quote someone's out to get me this is clearly not me now a new report that colangelo wife has the phone number associated with three of the five burners lots of process here nick sure the sixers young core want colangelo gone because this is what it really comes down to whether he has the job or not do the players that he has their trust him in this is a super important off season they absolutely need him so i need someone i've been following the stories closely as you can because i find it fascinating and it's confusing the local philadelphia blog crossing broad overnight did some one of their own investigation about some comments that have been left for the last couple years on newspaper articles that seem to be tied to some of these same twitter users with inside information philadelphia inside information on toronto which is of course we're colangelo was now there's the association with a reportedly the wife's phone number there's no way to read the situation to me as anything other than this was colangelo doing the tweeting or someone doing the tweeting on his behalf within now with his knowledge and with information information the ration came from him like the white doesn't work for the team and the there's inside information there so i i couldn't trust them if high word these guys i mean they're one of these tweets is to ben simmons i almost thought it was cc's burner counted said shoot shoot the three you coward and that was the player he was nicest to on these whoever was.

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