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It would be great if the discussion with Joanna could have a gay and straight aspect as well as the inclusive, those over fifty plus what your reaction? Well, I say in the book at she choose, you'll pronoun the rules off everybody. Gay straight should be fully inclusive. And the book is for anyone at any age, any stage. It's Jen, see and alpha Jan millennials who are really in the thick of this right now. And then for people who are widowed, who had divorced coming back out that the landscape has changed. So dramatically that I really hope this book is is is very practical for people in terms of just figuring. Out the best ways to meet people full them and it can't. I think, exclusively beyond apps, I think ABSA incredibly helpful. If you're in a small isolated communities where you really all dependent on your cousin, bringing that cousin to a party to meet somebody new and also connecting people with with common interests. But the book is aimed to anybody gays, straights. It should feel radically inclusive. Let's talk about your career. I think people know your name because were con- cosmopolitan and what you did to strengthen that magazine. But I hear your first magazine was cold your choice? Well, my first magazine walls cooled, you'll choice what a terrible title by. I, I only the only mitigating circumstance. I think I was eleven at the time and with my best friend who live next door, we produce this magazine which follows then photocopied, and we sent a copy to the Queen of England. My gosh. Well, what was thoroughly exciting about that was that we got a letter back two months later from one of the queen's mates in waiting telling us how much majesty had enjoyed reading on magazine and she was looking forward to further issues which as you can imagine, too, was just unbelievably exciting. And frankly, Diana was all encouragement. I need to twin bulk on a media career Lutely. I mean, my goodness, the idea receiving that letter and knowing that that was a that led Dacian of your work. It was an incredible validation and. A half, the lettuce still. I can still remember it coming through the post books home and opening. It's and my parents being sort of thrilled and the entire road kind of gathering round. I mean, I'm sure nowadays they'd send text saying, you know, you'll, you'll thing as Ryan. Exactly. It was truly a, it was genuine, the sort of life changing moment. Absolutely. Tell me about Kuzma Pellett and what you felt needed to be done once you got there? Well, I was I remember as a young woman or in my teenage years, reading a copy of Cozma Paulison it felt like a missive from the future. It felt like this hand with a finger beckoning me towards a much bigger more sophisticated life than the one I was leading in my bedroom at my parents house lying on on the bed, eating this magazine which was full of accomplished women and glamorous women will of things about sex which I didn't fully fully grasp. And of course customize aways being extrordinary vehicle for empowering women and sort of liberating and the great editor of the twenty. The twentieth century. Helen, Gurley Brown embarked on reinventing 'cause my which was actually a small literary magazine in the early sixties. She reinvented it in nineteen sixty five at the same time as the pill was approved by the FDA on. So sex suddenly became this new thing in the culture that women could enjoy the completely different sense of of freedom which Hellum was able to tap into when I took over my in two thousand twelve. I was trying to figure out what are the moments in the culture which we can embrace to. And it was I had been sent very early draft. All Cheryl sandbox book lean in, and it seemed clear to me the minute. I sat down to read it that this was going to change the conversation around women in leadership in culture Winkelsett went home to do, but that really helps me think about why women were right now and the sense of a feminist real. Awakening, as we realize that women haven't quite gotten that just as a, it's not only with not being paid the same. They went in leadership positions and yet for the lost thirty years, they had equal access to college. In fact, if anything, the was lightly move women undergraduates than the men. And so I think Costa was able to rise to ride. Sorry, that wave of the new feminism until about empowerment in all areas of women's lives, including how to find a partner that was that would do fifty fifty. And I think trying to pivot the idea of sex and pleasing man to pleasing the both of you, oh, pleasing the woman to take the Hindi you know, to take the sort of idea of inclusivity, but and also to look at the Suta fluidity around sex, which I do think is a new thing that people have been able to enjoy. So that really was my goal. You know years ago when we always had our guest in the studio, I entered booed, Helen girl, Brown, and learned. I mean, she was so slender and I learned that day that heard diet. As we are talking about diets, her diet was for hard boiled eggs per day. Did you? I didn't know that. Although I will tell you when I go to to host the parent company of Costa Poyton Hallam worked for good fifty years. Yes, you know, contributed enormously some line. We had lunch and I wanted a burger on and she'd disapproving. And she said Joe on a Yukon have both. So I chose the bug at my left the bum. I did not have Helen's discipline around food. I'm afraid full. Boiled eggs a day would have would not cut the mustard for me, but she was a phenomenally good. I determine really changed the American new stand with with the success of cosmopolitan. Tell me about your current role as chief content of, sir. S Hearst magazines? Well, I'm a passionate believer in print, and I think what's exciting about having a device is the connection. The connectivity gives us to what's happening right now, but I also think the romance in one's life way. You need a bit more restoration. You need restorative moments where you can disconnect, and that's where I think the pleasure of the journey of discovery of of a magazine comes into play. So I'm incredibly lucky to work with the editors of all global magazines. We have two hundred seventy nine magazines across the globe advice. Icing trying to help the editors think about how they can work together more efficiently now that the world feels smaller and that we can have a brand speaking with one global voice and also think about new project. So one of the projects I've been very excited work on was a magazine for Abby, which is a fascinating brand connecting people, one bedroom, one living room at the time, an really creating a new kind of travel magazine, which is not about travelers tourism, but is about travel as I'm through polity living like a local, getting into the skin of the local community. And really if you're in Paris living like Parisians lives, not living like an American tourist. So that has been one project. We've got several more projects that we plan to roll out over the next six months. So full Ming partnerships which host loves doing with Browns, who won't physical representation in terms of a magazine on, I think for pure play digital. Brands. It's exciting to have physical manifestation of that Brown. You know, there's nothing like holding some fair reading something looking at the design of something as opposed to scrolling through, you'll cell phone. The statue of liberty is I think, three hundred full feet tool, which is actually the amounts the daily amount of content we scroll through on all south owns. So I think we all know from our own behavior that if you spend, you know, half an hour, forty minutes, an hour on your cell phone, you don't always feel veteran formed anew can also end up feeding listless and jangling and light. You haven't quite absorbed anything. So my goal is to restore the American attention sperm and bring that long phone journalist that really is a love to go convinced that so many people are turning away from Matt, if the isn't it a tough time. To accomplish what it is you wished to accomplish? Well, I think it's both a tough time and an exciting time because what also seeing people at the beginning of our initial love affair with digital, and I think you'll beginning to see books holding their own. I mean, if you look at the extrordinary power of James combs spoke of Michael wolf's book the top ten books in the in the best seller list all about Trump and what's going on politically. You see people turning to books because it just isn't enough to be on Twitter all the time. Twitter does something else, and you sense the embracing of the long foam again. So some of our brands are really enjoying a resurgence as people look to reengage with a day here. But before I let you go, I won't to as you your thoughts about the me too movement. Do you think it's here this day? I really hope it's here to stay. I mean, I just to get through the painful initial reckoning that was still going through right now. Some of the women's stories were extraordinarily disturbing, but you know, the extraordinary comfort in discovering that this happened to a group of women. I mean, not comforting terms of the scale of it, but I think the isolation when something like this happens to you, the isolation, the shame, the self blame that the victim has it can be paralyzing. So to know that something very liberating in knowing the of the people have been through this too. I think the fact that women no longer feel they want to be silent about his extraordinarily liberating and I think men on notice now that enough of this behavior, it's not okay and women aren't gonna put up with it anymore and we can let people. We no, that I think the ability to amplify the message is really powerful. And I do think that you will see a new behavior being upheld by companies. It's depressing. It's not being up held the center of power in Washington. I wished the White House would would get its act in order. But I think companies saying we get that we can't behave. We have to support female stuff. We need more diverse leadership. We're not gonna put up with this. Now, considering that you've mentioned this, he'd power here in Washington. To what extent are your magazines talking about that their issue and the accusations against as president. Well, all female Brown's talking about the experiences of rita's an are rita's, obviously work in all less of American society. So we have l. we have hop assault. We have Mary Clare. We have Cozma Poyton all the all of them have been incredibly fixed on. I think what what we find the most sort of egregious is the abuse of power in the work place in the in the social media environment, web believes attack women. That's what we've been fixed on the experiences of our readers and how we can move the culture forward. I do wish you all thick sets in that matter. And if other element your work and cove, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. 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