Kanye West holds celebrity studded listening party in Wyoming for new album


The mountains today byu his new album the rapper held a listening party in jackson hole wyoming last night he flew in celebrities industry heavyweights and journalists here the seven tracks his wife kim kardashian west joined him he was introduced by comedian chris rock the short tracks cover a range of subjects including his recent declaration that slavery was a choice he wrapped that kardashian west called screaming saying that we're all we're all about to lose it all featuring the criticism from that statement nicki menaj among the guest artists that appear on some of those tracks for han solo repeat at the movies fly looking like another slow solo weekend at the box office solo star wars story will likely stay on top though industry leader box office mojo predicts a massive drop from its debut sixty four percent which would mean a thirty million dollar weekend and don't expect a whole lot of the new releases shalin woodley's action romance adrift to earn the most of the bunch around thirteen million probably less than ten million for johnny knoxville's action point and even less for the.

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