Trump says drugmakers are going to announce massive voluntary price cuts


Nearly two decades kim young troll is the regime's former spy chief and he's been the north's point person for summit planning the to have a full day of meetings thursday as both sides finalize the agenda and logistics still aiming for a june twelfth summit abc's connor finnegan in new york manhunt underway west of nashville for stephen joshua wiggins suspected in the early morning killing of dickson county sheriff's sergeant daniel baker baker had responded to a report of a suspicious car his radio went silent gps used to locate his car about two miles away from the location of the initial call the deputy was found inside the car deceased tennessee bureau of investigation acting director jason lock if you do see this man do not approach do not do anything please call authorities immediately wiggins was being sought after a woman claimed he beat her and stole her car president trump has been pressuring big pharma on high prescription drug prices and he claims that pressure is paying off some of the big drug companies in in two weeks and they're going to announce because of what we did there going to nounce voluntary massive drops in prices the president was speaking as he signed into law the right to try act allowing terminally ill people to try unproven medications that have not yet received regulatory approval virginia's republican controlled general assembly granted final approval to an expansion of medicaid coverage for low income people it ends years of partisan gridlock on the issue democratic governor ralph northam expected to sign the measure wall street the dow closed up three hundred six points the nasdaq was a sixty six point gainer you're listening to abc news arizona's news station news station ktar on air ninety two three fm online at ktar dot com and streaming live on the ktar news app your breaking news.

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