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Business app and john on twitter this is a bloomberg business flash and i'm karen moskow panic over political turmoil in italy appears to be easing italian bonds are rebounding along with us futures and european equities meanwhile in asia stocks fell below a key technical support level and today's session with a renewal of u s china trade tensions sapping investor sentiment bloomberg juliet sally has more from our singapore bureau karen the asia pacific index dropped below it's two hundred day moving average for the first time in almost two years financial stokes led the region lower on concerns over exposure to italian dish stokes in shanghai sit for their worst run of losses since twenty thirteen just two days before joining msci's global benchmarks stokes in malaysia had their biggest drop intraday since two thousand eight in tokyo the topic's not an eight session of losses its longest losing streak since july twenty twelve in hong kong ten cent fell below four hundred hong kong dollars a share as this tech stocks stops to lose it so lou louis to mainland buys they've dumped around eighty one million dollars worth of the stoke over the past four nash in singapore juliette solly bloomberg daybreak juliette thank you and right now i shouldn't p futures are up seven and a half points dow futures up seventy four nasdaq futures up fourteen the dax in germany is up two tenths percent ten year treasury down fourteen thirty seconds yield two point eight.

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