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Mm-hmm. Welcome to drugs and stuff. A podcast from the drug policy alliance and now your host, Tommy McDonald and Derek Rosenfeld. A body, welcome back into another episode of drugs and stuff. And today we're gonna have their selves a special episode. So were you check it out the intro and where you check it out, that smooth voice, it introduce folks in the beginning of the show, will guess what she's on the show today, introduce you guys to Catherine Heller. Catherine is something amazing. Lemme tell you if you don't know. Now, you know, Catherine is the host of the struggle bus and tell the bartender to great podcasts and a little behind the scene stuff is the person who got us up and going on the air. So blame her for this, Katherine, how you doing. I am doing great. You might recognize my voice from the AD intro. So thank you for letting me do that Boyce over. But I have ranged people. I have range and I'm a United me. Yes, I everybody I've talked to recently about our podcast is asking about this stuff. Your name always comes up, Catherine. I mean, it has to because it's not just the stuff you're doing on the back. I mean, you put us out there in the world. We, we're on Spotify folks. You are on iheart radio. Those were all things that were considered impossible year ago. Well, it is my side gig. I do a podcast production company and I have about eleven amazing clients, and you are my favorites that I'm saying right now at this moment. That's all I do, but they're all wonderful. All my clients are wonderful, and I really enjoy working with you, and it's been a joy and pleasure. You're also a working actor of voice actor and such telephones about all the the mini hustles you got going. So I do a commercial on camera and voice over. You may have heard my voice talking about toenail fungus. You may have seen me in a commercial as a lawyer or a cool mom. Those are my main place fame. I also do. I'm member of the Newark Neo Futurists, which is a theater company. They have two other companies starting to Kaga thirty five years ago. It's been in New York now for fourteen years on. There's one in San Fran and it's really cool performance art, kind of, but it's we write our own stuff and it's all personal material. There's comedy dance, music, and every week is different. And it's a really fun show at runs fifty weeks out of the year, and I am in at twenty six weeks out of the air. So we rotate check us out. So I do that on stage and then I host podcasts, and then I sit at home and look for other auditions when I'm not doing that. So all this amazing stuff that you're doing, how did you wind up connected to a couple of goons like us? How did that? Oh, well, do I have a story for you? So there's a lovely young woman. He used to work this establishment. Her name was Sharjah's sec. She she does not cease to exist. Is short. A second does not work here more. She's my best friend. We've been best friends since we were fourteen and here's how Sharda we went to Bronx science together and all day. You know what it is shut up. But I I was a nobody because I was like three thousand people and she was the ferris bueller of the school. Everyone knew her everyone loved her. She was like, she could go into any circle of groups in like like high fiber. So it's nine thousand nine hundred ninety two at this point and we're going to the the March for pro choice. You know, back in the day I went on the bus by in the morning and the only other seat available was next to Sharda and as like a can is it here? And she's like my course, and we talked the entire day by the end of the bus Chipper like holding hands. I felt like I was hanging out with celebrity and I still do. So she worked here and she recommended that we chat. 'cause you want to start a podcast and she knows that I like money now, you know that I do production and I was starting my business and I had the pleasure talking to you. I Tommy and and here we are. So I'm having a blast story. I'm happy. Auden screw that up. New moms did, but it's cool. We're good. No, you'll wonderful. I heard a fumbled on the one yard line, your voices, so great for podcasting to Derrick. You're crushing it right now by the way stop. I kind of this out of my voice. Obviously everybody says that, but everyone hates the sound of your voice. Everyone hates us out of their own voice. They really do, but I'm, I'm really enjoying the medium in general. You know, it's it's different. It's fun. I've always. I've been here almost eight years and I've talked about what I do to everyone who I meet, whether it's in the airport or hurt, you know, at home with family over the holidays and people love to talk about drugs and stuff, and it just felt kind of natural. I'm home editing these episodes and every single one of them. I'm laughing out loud. I'm like, my, this is the best. I especially love the one about Iowa. I've a lot of opinions about Iowa. But we don't. And do share. Okay. I thought that the conversation about the appropriation of drugs different cultures, but for me and maybe it's just a personal things I know guy, but white men who seriously talk about that. They have a shaman in order to go to these trips and find out the meaning of life. I had an ex boyfriend. I shouldn't say this, but I will who emailed me after one of his many. I walk trips to say, you know, after my last trip, my shaman helped me understand that. I've been really mean to women. And so I was like, not that NAT now. Now, you know that and to which my friend said, I should just respond drink more of that. Five trips and he finally figured out that he wasn't a good boyfriend people, nothing against it though. And that's the thing is like, if something is, I think drugs should be legal, and I think they should be safe. And I think that whatever your jam is is your jam will your podcast total bartender actually bartender, right? Oh, yeah. Yeah. For many years when I was twenty two, I started and it was off and on, but I was at one place for eight years. So I started the podcast held a bartender because I love all those shows like risk and you know the the storytelling show is, but they started out with people like a janitor come on stage and now it's nothing but celebrities. So for me till the bartender, even though I do have celebrities on occasional to get hits and stuff, I want to hear amazing stories from just totally regular people because game I would play on a Monday night when I was board is I would find the most boring quote, unquote person at the bar and try to find out the most interesting thing about. Him and one night I met someone whose dad invented fucking pop rocks, things like that, like

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