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Your money on wgn global stock markets are lower this morning as investors watched the outcome of trade talks between the us and china china's state media says big differences remain on some matters even after officials from the two countries agreed that they would set up a mechanism to continue working through an escalating dispute futures are pointing toward a lacklustre start on wall street dow futures are forty three points right now nasdaq futures down about fourteen points the dollar fell against the yen and strengthened against the euro and we'll see the jobs report for april coming out a little bit later on this morning at seven thirty job seekers likely enjoyed another good april another good month after slugging through soso march the jobs report expected to show about one hundred ninety thousand jobs created last month course we'll be watching again the jobs report for a wage growth which has been lacklustre over the last several months and that is your money not too bad on the area roadways as that edens inbound about twenty two minutes from lake cook road inbound kennedy thirty six from o'hare eighteen from the edens inbound eisenhower's an hour ten from fifty three and from mannheim about forty five minutes now with an accident i mixed in the right lane watch for that twenty four hours to mannheim outbound stevenson before us fifty two two left lanes blocked with an accident inbound about fifty two from the tristate and an hour from three fifty five inbound ryan twenty from ninety fifth bishop ford's okay fiftyseven jammed from about one hundred and thirtieth and lake shore drive is building into belbow for personalized traffic on demand get the traffix chicago app approved by team hockberg at perl mortgage just search t r a f f i x chicago mayor vanderbilt wgn traffic.

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