Egypt moves last chariot of King Tut to new museum

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News on the hour on the half and when it breaks i'm rosacea rivera live from the kfi twenty four hour newsroom long beach has joined number of coastal cities saying no to styrofoam mayor robert garcia says parts of the city wide styrofoam band take affect immediately this product will be removed from all city facilities and all city events then over the course of the next few months it will begin to be eliminated from all of the larger restaurants and larger facilities everyone else has a year and a half to get in compliance long beach is uniquely position at the end of the river so we see all the plastic styrofoam coming down the river the bill also requires people to ask if they wanna straw in long beach corbin carson kfi news a man has been arrested at a home in whittier after his female relative was found dead in the backyard this woman who lives near the home told ktla neighbors are stunned by the death we're like should we get security doors we have cameras but it's so much closer to home we saliba doors open what are your police officers found the body when they responded to the home yesterday afternoon officer said they're not certain yet of how the woman died california has surpassed the united kingdom to become the world's fifth largest economy federal data show california's gross domestic product rose by one hundred twenty seven billion dollars from two thousand sixteen to twenty seventeen uk's economic output slightly shrunk during that same time period the dodgers have made history in monterrey mexico two two hitter were valenzuela throws out the ceremonial first pitch monterrey mexico can throw it so the sky genres used for pitchers for the first combined no hitter in team history beating the padres four to nothing on spectrum sports net la traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic center there's a crash on the five east la on.

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