They scammed consumers. Some owe millions. Why can't the state get them to pay?


Clearly they're not putting all their chips on russia gate because mueller hasn't delivered and the reason he hasn't delivered is open to speculation but it may be because there's not much there there unfair to mr mueller i mean he is supposed to be looking into this and if there's nothing there he'll come out with nothing the has andrew mccarthy is pointed out your colleague nro john he's he's talking about a political document a report coming out to could then be used against the president but they're not talking about actual charges at this point yeah it's tag you're it in other words we can't recommend it indictment we can't recommend anything else but lots of stupid and bad things happened and the president was responsible and he should bear the responsibility and by the way the midterm election is a few weeks away john is that warners conduct and the strange decision by strachan page all of this points to the frustration that donald trump won an election he was not supposed to win and it also points to the fact that the economy now is responding to donald trump's policies and the first year two thousand seventeen and the democrats don't have an answer all of this misbehavior is because what we see is the end of the second quarter that is steve moore told me last week is capable of putting up four percent growth in the second quarter there is no answer to that hence senator warner hence peter struck hence the acting out by the democrats whether you're right donald trump's approval rating for the economy's at fifty one and fifty two percent significantly above his approval rating overall and the economy is bullying his numbers should they continue it'll be harder for democrats to generate the turn out they need in the midterm election it'll be harder to compete this manufactured outrage stoked and the democrats look at a great lost opportunity they believe donald trump is destroyed his reelection chances but they have to prove that by having a midterm victory this november is it shouldn't materialize it's back to the board and then we very worried for blame john fund of the national review online and fox television.

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