Justice Department, Fbi and President discussed on 24 Hour News


The successful prosecutions said anything beforehand is that accurate i don't i don't think so i mean i think that if the inferior executive officials at the justice department and the fbi are obstructing congress they are obstructing congress using the president's power they don't have their own power they're they're inferior executive officials who serve at the pleasure of the president and they couldn't take that position with congress unless even thought the president was supporting them or they thought the president had just committed to being a passive bystander and they can get away with whatever they want but you know the fact of the matter is all of these different remedies that congress is is has saber rattled about whether it's impeachment or holding people in contempt the constitution contemplates using the power of the purse to bring recalcitrant executive officials and executive agencies to heal none of those are real mystic options because they don't have the numbers the republicans in congress probably even to get contempt certainly not to get impeachment and the way we do budgeting is so dysfunctional that the power of the person's not really a realistic threat so either the president is going to make his subordinates cooperate for i think they're going to continue not to cooperate because they feel like they they have immunity in that sense we're speaking with andrew mccarthy of the national review online thaddeus mccotter my colleague wjr the great voice the great lakes when we come back a moment about a law an accident in two thousand and eight that seems particularly relevant given the tragedy we're witnessing on the texas border i'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor.

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