Harley-Davidson to make more motorcycles outside the US


Biggest foreign market with almost forty thousand customers their last year darwin home strom has written several books on harley davidson i was just a sweden and actually saw quite a few harleys relatively speaking there's a core market wants to sort of have this american biker image the european tariffs would raise the cost of each motorcycle sold in europe by about twenty two hundred dollars today the company said it would try to avoid the tariffs by moving production overseas harley davidson has plants in wisconsin and pennsylvania and it already had plans to close a third factory in kansas city next year joe capra is with the international association of machinists and aerospace workers which represents the plants employees he's no fan of president trump's tariffs we've ended up with a trade war it's going to cause us to have less production over here and prices are gonna go skyrocket but he also notes that the company is already slowly moving production overseas to plants in india and brazil the quintessential american brand is becoming less american and the current trade tensions promised to accelerate the process jim zarroli npr news new york.

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