Boston Red Sox designate Hanley Ramirez for assignment, activate Dustin Pedroia


To eighty seven this afternoon traffic and weather together coming up good morning i'm art cohen wbz news and topping our news at this hour there's been a shooting at a middle school north of indianapolis two people are reported injured and a student is in custody noblesville indiana police chief kevin jowitt just updated reporters and says the call came in just after nine am this situation is contained we have to victims one an adult teacher and one a juvenile student who had been transported to methodist and raleigh hospitals indianapolis respectively their families have been notified in our on route to be with their loved ones a male student at noblesville west middle school who has been detained we believe he is the involves suspect who have no reason to believe that there is any kind of threat connected to this incident anywhere else this is tracey demarcus reading a text from her daughter at the west middle school she was interviewed on w rtd the abc affiliate in indianapolis code yellow i love you guys i don't know what it means that the principles really say shaking he came came on on the intercom so it's kinda freaking me out and then i hit my other daughter told me that there's a shooting and she said i hear there has been ten there were also reports of a threat at the noblesville high school authorities have not confirmed that any shooting has taken place but the school is on lockdown stay tuned to wbz as we continue to follow this developing story and another developing story some breaking red sox news to tell you about it looks like the socks are parting ways with designated hitter hanley ramirez to make room for the return of second baseman dustin pedroia the globe reports the socks are designating ramirez for assignment that means the socks now have one week to trade or release ramirez effectively ending his tenure with the team the socks are.

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