Harvey debuts for Reds in 6-2 win over Dodgers


Drive centerfield there's billy hamilton and a nother three up three down inning from matt harvey he very well could have a no hitter right now jeff brantley on reds radio and his reds debut last night former mets ace matt harvey allowed to hit and struck out to over four scoreless innings in the red six to win of the dodgers elsewhere national league cardinals over the padres don to five nationals three diamondbacks won irish beat the giants eleven to marlins six braves three in it was the brewers over the rockies eleven ten that was in ten innings the mets beat the phillies three two one italy cubs over the white sox eleven to american league as ten acres five royals ten indians nine twelve innings the blue jays over the red sox five to three orioles beat the race dying four mariners tigers washed out the play a doubleheader today the rangers over the astros one nothing the twins beat the game does five to four round three of the players championship webb simpson the leader after two rounds at fifteen underhill later on today along with three golfers in second place danny lee patrick kelly and charles schwartz all i'm peter schwartz we've got def leppard in journey tickets listened to tiki and tierney weekdays between three and six eastern for your chance to win you really really liked them thanks for making drive time sports that's best of the springs winner for best sports radio show how could this happen and.

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