Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver found guilty in corruption retrial


The time of the pain at and t had recently moved to acquire time warner and is awaiting federal approval and his email stevenson announced the head of the company's lobbying group bob quinn will retire wade goodwin npr news dallas stocks closed mixed today on wall street the dow jones industrial average closed up ninety one points at twenty four thousand eight thirty one the nasdaq composite down two points the sp five hundred up for this is npr news this is wnyc in new york i'm lance lucky a federal jury has convicted former new york state assembly speaker sheldon silver on all seven counts of corruption silver was tried and sentenced for the same charges in two thousand fifteen but the conviction was thrown out last year after the supreme court changed the legal boundaries for public corruption during the two week trial prosecutors claimed silver made nearly four million dollars off of bribery schemes reporter bill sanderson within your york news says they weren't taking any chances this time around government put on a more robust case and they did the last time they had some new witnesses and even from the older witnesses they elicited some more detailed and interesting testimony he says an appeal is expected silver is set to be sentenced in july a brooklyn attorney who is black claimed she entered nineteen year old daughter were handcuffed by police after they were falsely accused of shoplifting at a williamsburg boutique supporters of the woman held a rally today in front of the amar cord vintage fashion store where the incident allegedly happened gotham nist reporter john del signore was there and heard from the woman nancy bedard talk about how upsetting it was for her to be shopping with her daughter and suddenly made to feel like criminal would she believed to be nothing more than her race for being so shopping black essentially however the store owners accused the woman of defamation they say an employee questioned the mother daughter about how many items they had but never accused them of shoplifting they also say bidart urged the employees to call the police sixty seven cloudy now showers likely tonight they're likely all day tomorrow hint still good chance on sunday wnyc support for npr comes from heather stirred hey guy and paul g hager supporting african wildlife foundation working to ensure wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern africa learn more.

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