Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Using consensus rankings to find this year's early sleepers


But she doesn't have that they don't have the shoving it down your throat with the draft back passer in the pros college quarterbacks you gotta be able to run fast and option lsu can't do that ugly truth now i mean look i want to ray i would love to sit up here and look at the schedule and say oh yeah i can i'm not going to lie to you though i'm not gonna lie and say oh yeah i think they can get nine wins i think they can get i'm not going to do that that's that's i hope they do i hope they do but that's those are if you want that conversation go to your local watering hole where a lot of lsu fans will say that to you i'm just not going to do it jalen hurt i mean look at oregon state at grinch and work at ohio state when they have the option quarterbacks that our athletic those guys finish in the top five every year it's different schools but it's the same type scheme of our fence with a decent defense right well yes an amateur i mean you're the pro amateur i'm a sports fan i played ball but it wasn't d one so i enjoy sports i'll pull for lsu anybody that plays alabama but reality is reality thanks for the phone call thanks for the kind words right you bet i come back for captain alan harvey this is sports talk here.

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