Cubs reach deal with 7-time All-Star closer Craig Kimbrel


Did you know the cubs are third in major league baseball with eleven blown saves third worst when it comes to blown saves in baseball eleven of them just for a second there think about how different their record could look if they didn't blow half of those games. Let's say they only have five blown saves. You're talking about already getting to forty wins being among the best, not just in the National League. But in major league baseball. And so to address this issue. Theo Epstein of the cubs goes out and finally gives Craig kimbrel. A new home Craig kimbrel who wanted to be a hundred million dollar man has settled, I'm using air quotations here. He settled for a three year deal option for a fourth forty three million dollars. Was it worth the seven-month awake? Well, only Craig kimbrel cancer that question. Seven months of free agency probably a ton of angst. But he'll earn ten billion to go through the rest of this season with the Chicago Cubs, and then fifteen million dollars each in twenty twenty and then twenty twenty one. It's I think a huge bargain for the cubs. When you consider what he was asking for right? Part of the reason that he was unsigned for so long is because it's asking price. He wanted it to be seven figures seven figures, he wanted to be nine figures. It's only eight math. He wanted two hundred million. But there was no team out there willing to give him that. I think it's better to play baseball for forty three million then to not play baseball at all. But what do I know? Hill report to the cubs for his physical on Thursday and the idea right now is that he'll be ready to pitch within two weeks? The scene had made comments after the news broke before he did admit that they had interest in Craig kimbrel, and that it was kind of a bonus for them. This point in the season. There are usually quality free agents. Just lying

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