WebPT provides web-based electronic medical record systems for physical therapists


Back in February opposited, Phoenix. Arizona, I was amazed by how they'll building connected place, and tech hope essentially the state was tempting tech talent our increasingly on affordable, Silicon Valley, and offering best and of life to start founders. Now during that trip I was briefly introduced to Heidi genera, and she's the president and co founder of web PT book, unfortunately, always asked to leave mid presentation to perform an interview that had previously been arranged for me. I must are incredibly rude, taking that walk of shame of the room, but I did my best to make my apologies and reached out to Heidi directly. And viaduct onto these podcasts because I was promise of inspired by her tech startups story, which is genuinely inspirational. And I think it's something that you would all appreciate and thankfully, she said, yes, so book elope, and hold on tight. So I can be meal is all the way to Phoenix. So we can speak with hydrogen Anga president and co founder of web PT. So massive warm, welcome to the show. Can you tell them this is a Labatt who you are, and what you do? Sure. Thank you. Now my name is Heidi Janetta. I am a physical therapist, and I'm also the president and co founder of web PT, and web PT is an electronic health record based in the United States, specifically designed for rehab, therapists. So that includes physical, therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists, we've been around since two thousand eight when we launched the company, so we're an eleven year old company and within the eleven years we've been able to garner just about forty percent market share which means about eighty five thousand users hitting our putt form and fifteen thousand practices across the all the all every state in the US. And now all the US. Territories. But one of the things are low of about recording. This daily tech podcast is everyday we look at different industry, and how it's being transformed by technology. And like you said web PT's and leading rehab therapy software solution, but if anyone listening, you might be set the scene, and tell them a little bit more about the kind of problems that you're solving for your customers, and using technology. And what makes you different really from other solutions out there. When we first started back in two thousand eight eighty percent of physical, therapists in, in our country, were using pen and paper to compete, their documentation. So if you're familiar with physical therapy at all or physiotherapy as it's known around the world when you see us go to see a physical therapist. It's not like just seeing your doctor. You actually see them for multiple visits. Sometimes in a week definitely in a month and over a plan of care that sometimes can span. Munster even years, depending on the ailment that you have and every interaction that you have with therapist has to be documented for liability. Reasons, also to, to show progress to understand what would transpire during that visit, but also here in the states for sure in order to get paid from insurance company. And so that burden of documentation is pretty significant compared to, you know, medical other medical providers. And so when as a therapist back in two thousand six I was also a clinic director I was running three large clinics, and one of our largest expenses that we were incurring, were for transcription dictation. So we were transcribing notes that would either have to get sent to a physician to provide them updates or two insurance companies to in order for us to get paid for our services. And so. So around this time, there are many physician based platforms that had been starting to get instituted. We, we looked at some of those, but they didn't have the workflow that a therapist would need, which is very different. And so that's why we decided to launch the company it was really actually supposed to solve a problem that I had in my practice. But when we found out that the eighty percent number was prolific out the actual profession here in the US we decided to launch the company we were the first web based application. And again, if you've ever been set foot into a physio clinic, we don't sit behind the desk, very often we're out and about with their patients teaching exercises putting our hands on patients and so having a web based application was very important as a differentiator for us when we first started. On an incredible inspirational stall Tope journey the I think it's going to be so valuable to other startup founders, they're going to be listening to all over the world at various stages of their own startup journey. So could I take you back to two thousand eight where it all began, and can you tell me more about your story is a leading sports, physical, therapists and multi clinic, Dr rector looking for ways to improve your practices online and actually inspired you to start this journey to the inspiration for me. Initially was really out of born out of a problem that I was having an in the practice with this transcription dictation expense that was continuing to grow while my top line, which was made up of insurance payments on co pay payments from patients and some cash paying patients that

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