News in Brief 24 June 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations, thousands of suspected foreign Aycell terrorist fighters and their families being held in detention in Syria. Iraq must be treated fairly by their captors and taken back by their home countries, that's according to you in High Commissioner for human rights. Michelle Basch Alette opening the latest session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday. She said that more than fifty five thousand men, women and children, have been rounded up since the fall of the self-styled caliphate, in the spring, while most of these individuals are Syrian or Iraqi she pointed out that they also include alleged foreign fighters from nearly fifty countries. She noted that at least eleven thousand suspected family members are still being held in northeastern series. I'll hold camp in what she called deeply substandard conditions citing estimates by the UN children's fund UNICEF. The High Commissioner explained that there are twenty nine thousand children of foreign fighters in Syria. Two thirds of whom originally came from Iraq, mostly under the age of twelve also on Monday, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR announced that on seventeen and eighteen December. It will be hosting the first ever global refugee forum in Geneva with tens of millions of people affected by war conflict and persecution, the form will provide an opportunity for countries to take stock of the situation today and strengthen the international response, you and High Commissioner for refugees Filippo Grandi, said that refugees situations, send ripples across entire regions, and beyond pointing out the dealing with displacement challenges. Cannot be done alone and requires a United vision among countries coupled with concrete action. This is the goal of the global compact on refugees. And it is what we will be working towards during the form, he spelled out, UN secretary, General Antonio Gutierrez is expected to attend the event, which will be held at the ministerial level and among other things focus on burden and responsibility sharing education livelihood and protection on Sunday. You and food and agriculture agency FAO elected shudong. Ooh. China's agricultural deputy minister to take the reins on one August having received a total of one hundred eight votes out of one hundred ninety one cast FAO's, one hundred ninety four member countries chose mister chew during its forty first annual conference. In Rome, the new FAO chief, who was born in nineteen sixty three is the first person from a communist country to hold the top job and the ninth director, general since the organization was founded in nineteen forty five current chief Jose. Graziano. A silver from Brazil will complete his four year term on thirty one July, as China's vice minister for agriculture, Mr. chew worked on several rural development projects all over the world during which time he was in close contact with many UN countries lists Kapiti UN news.

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