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Tech today with my all time favorite guitar player. Richard Smith to just happens to be in California and really interesting guy because he travels seventy percent of the time and believe it or not have guitar will travel in his car from Nashville, and I'm talking to now in California. And the big question is how does one live with technology in the car? And I think it's called an iphone six fund six or whatever the latest one. I've gone. I find six I means everything only I can pretty much do everything on that. There's a certain there's a few things that having a laptop is is beneficial. I can pretty much do everything including Eddie, my website for the most. Adding certain photographs and send things make it a little easier on the laptop but seven probably seventy percent, sixty seventy or eighty percent of the stuff. I can do there's no laptop in your car. There is one in the back of my guitar case. Most of the time. Yeah. But there's not. Yeah. Yeah. That's always laptop in my car. It's too cumbersome to be traveling. Yeah, I find it so easy to do everything on while you're going down the road while my wife is driving not one I'm driving when she's with me. I can work in the cost. She's not, you know, it's just a heavy just playing YouTube on going through the the motion going through the motions of YouTube or I've got music on it. And so it just makes life easy. I've also go XM serious as well. That's that's a must for the car. You realize that I think so. Yeah, I mean, but sometimes I just don't want to hear anything sometimes. I just want to think my own stuff. What a think for myself instead of listening to somebody else coast. The news list of all of the news channels. Gotta gotta listen to all sides of all of that. And let's paint a picture for people because you're in California right now, you'll be leaving here and driving to Utah, New Mexico and Colorado to give gigs. Okay. So you really are the guy in the car what kind of car is this. We have a Toyota RAV four an icy drove out. I started in Nashville we played the Jerry re tribute show on September fifth went up the car. It's you your tar amp iphone six fund San. And and Mike's sim Mike, see, I may be a PI system. If I think I'm going to need it. Suitcase full of clothes cigar box. Those times off to the gate when you just want to just relax and may be has ago. If that's you'll think handle your bookings on the iphone six everything is done by Email for much. Yeah. Everything done by Email of everyone's oh it pretty much everyone's number eight mile or messenger Facebook messenger. I always a little people on social media that just. It's just so it's such a great time. It's such a great time. Every basically if people know you to the whole house concert thing is a big thing. These days is a lot of people doing that. You didn't have to be venue. You just need a roof and some power, and you do a lot of you do a lot of house concerts. I would say maybe forty percent of the gigs. I mean, I'm doing music shops smoke theaters festivals house, concerts. Workshops like this. Go f- clubs functions on it's just knowing. It's no in people, the the mortgage, you do the more people that know, you the more people, you know, in a certain area where you can just say, hey, any chance of a gig on this date. And if that person count, do you call someone else, the more people, you know, the more full your calendar becomes and then you can be the only reason I'm not working all the time is because I've got dogs at home. I'd never see them on. My wife is on on the road with me some of the time. I'd never say Hillary the so it's you just have to make a balance, and I've got a studio back in Nashville as well fifteen years ago when you were making the drive in driving all over the country compare what it's like today with keeping in touch with you versus what it was like back that didn't have a web. So you just have to know you had to know people you had to send out packages of with physical product and physical print. Just you don't need any of that stuff. These days not need any physical stuff. It's it's information that sent and then people could see you on YouTube, Facebook, all kinds of social media. It's just a much easier a much more independent world. The I think there are a lot more independent more independent artists than ever before. They don't even need independent labels fail. The label that just going to people like disk makers imprinting up CDs or even doing that. Just even those that that's outdated. These days people are just doing everything online. Downloads youtube. I mean, it's you need anything. You just need to know people in one gig leads to another to describe yourself. Now, I'm I guess I come from the Chet Atkins. Jerry Reed mull Travis and then kind of studied went down the Django Reinhardt off a little bit of what Brent's doing Oviously a big influence, the bluegrass guys. I'll I'll play Joplin rags skull Jobling, piano, rags on the guitar a place embark, and I'll play some standards. I gave some Beatles some Beatles and some Sousa marches, and you know, throw a little bit of fun comedy sewn. Then a little bit of blue. I try to mix it up anything from Mozart and Chopin to to the Beatles to two old southern fiddle tunes. Tell everybody had to hear you and see you on YouTube. Oh, they got you just such Richard Smith guitar, and I should come up check this. There's two or three Richard Smith's, make sure it's the right me by by going to Richard Smith music dot com to start with there'll be pages of maize, you know, which one it is on YouTube, and I've got the coast that will have got the YouTube channel WWW dot YouTube dot com slash Richard Smith music

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