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Bombers are happy to see joe biden go down and this is the problem for joe biden now meanwhile he attacks on joe biden are incredibly cynical now i pointed this out after the debate between lows effectively joe biden camel harris nothing else it happened in that debate as any lasting impact or anything that matters camila harris attacked joe biden on his stance on federally mandated forced busing which is one of great policy fails in modern american history she attacked his stance on that and i said at the time z cynical attack because camel harris does not believe herself and forced busing she's just doing this to imply the biden is racist without any evidence the joe biden is racist it turns out to his right that's right you got to dumbs he's giving thumbs up right now they're pointing directly that guy i was right about this because commonly harris was being incredibly cynical now we get to that in just a second so first of all commonly harris is trying to run as v as be most effective candidat for black americans in this race very early on it was cleared this is what her canada's he had a big cory booker is also trying to arrest the title from her joe biden is running basically even with folks like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren among white voters but he's running way ahead of them among black voters comma harris is trying to carve into that leads among black voters and what she is finding is that she has eight fairly large problem here because joe biden's black vote share there is still extraordinarily high in the latest poll for example black voters were split thirty six thirteen between vitus biden inherit but those holes all over the place the quinnipiac poll which had by narrowly leading harris overall also had him narrowly harris among black voters thirty one to twenty seven percent cnn had eight twenty five to nineteen percent split among non white respondents reuters ipsos down the biden's black support have been cut in half so commonly harris is trying to carve into that by claiming alternatively joe biden is actually a secret racist and also she says i'm not saying that she's totally thing which is why she says all i'm not saying joe biden is racist ot as her grandmother always told you whatever happens in a sentence before but doesn't matter when she says joe biden isn't racist but he keeps complimenting segregationist any didn't support forced busing what he's really saying is it secretly down deep he's got racial animus black folks simultaneously comal harris is trying to pose some sort of civil rights warrior despite the fact the calmly harris is not old enough to be a total tortilla it commonly harris is now citing her rhetoric is being school child who is in in integrated in already integrating district in berkeley by the way is already well meanwhile integrated before for calmly harris was really around in berkeley but when you were seventy didn't have all that much impact on local policy as it turns out well comma harris is now likening herself to rosa parks rosa parks here's what she says how come layers of rosa parks it'd be on me there's no rather the to just rosa parks is no recognition to just civil rights euro nonetheless this is her stick the fight of black women has always been fueled an grounded in face in the belief of what is possible we have always built the future that we conceive and believe in and fight for and that's why so jonah spoke it's why may flu if why rosa in claude at that is why my road it's why fanny organized it's literally ran as i sat here she's in a long line of all of these people except brock obama was already present into the united states and you know with black and all of that comma harris is

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