Wendy Williams' Son Pleads Not Guilty In Assault Case Against Her Ex Kevin Hunter


Okay wendy willingham son in court today kevin hunter junior pleading not guilty the assault that he is pleading not guilty in was against his dad so he's pleading not guilty for allegedly assaulting his father he's eighteen years old he is the son of kevin senior kevin hunter and wendy williams and they were all in new jersey court today for his arraignment he was arrested on may twenty first for getting into a brawl with his father outside a grocery store and the prosecutor asked for more time to review the case he's going to have another court appearance in the near future they kevin and wendy stayed outside of the courtroom even though they were at the courthouse they didn't want to make spectacle apparently the adult kevin wendy williams out of the courthouse out of the court yeah they were at the courthouse but stayed out outside of the courtroom okay so this fight happened after kevin jR called his father be and resulted in Kevin junior's arrest for domestic violence, simple assault. Because apparently he punched him. And now these two are trying to Kevin senior, and Wendy are figuring out. Hey, wow. This is not having a good impact on our

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