Blackmon, Story rally Rockies over Braves 9-5


Daulat third. Desmond at second Butare at I five four Atlanta two outs in the ninth mentors. First pitch. Charlie rips it into right field down the line. That's gonna score to home comes doll. Paul comes. Desmond a two run. Double by Charlie Blackmon, six five Rockies. Charlie Blackmon clutch RBI doubled to give the Rockies their first lead of the night. They brought on a new pitcher Dan Winkler Trevor. Story trying to keep a hitting streak alive. Did so in spectacular fashion in Iraqi of a six five lead to pitch driven to left field. And lone goal the streak is at fifteen on a touch of all time for Trevor story now five Rockies Trevor with a no doubt her four hundred twenty nine feet of homerun. And the Rockies said a nine to five lead way Davis came on walked a pinch hitter. Josh Donaldson to start the inning. Was able to get as all Bs on a routine. Fly ball to left field. It would Johan Camargo the hitter the Rockies defense ended the game the way they began it to one pitch to Camargo up. Daniel Murphy, grabs it stepson first ballgame superior defense and a ninth inning rally. The Rockies beat the Braves again in Atlanta what a ninth inning final score Rockies nine Atlanta five five run ninth inning, an eighth consecutive win here in

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