A Canadian Store Tried to Bag-Shame Its Customers


A market in Canada, once people to bring their own bags to the grocery store. They don't want to have to give you a plastic bag. They think you're destroying the planet by making them give you a plastic back k they don't wanna participate in your echo crime. So they've decided that if you ask for a plastic bag, they'll give you one. However, the east east west market in Vancouver, Canada will give you a plastic bag to carry your groceries in, but their bags advertise other stores like the colon care co op. In big letters on the plastic bag the into the weird adult video. Emporium. And Dr toes, wart -pointment wholesale. It's their hope that these bags will embarrass customers enough that they'll want to bring their own war Chamie on us with you to be honest with you. I might shop at this store. One time just to get the plastic bag. The colon care co op. Bradley walk around Vancouver Canada, with my colon care co op plastic bag. That is funny. I can't stand them for doing this, but it's damn funny at the same time I don't know how to

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