Google I/O: We break down the highlights and lowlights (The 3:59, Ep. 557)

The 3:59


The. Tonight or Roger Chang. I'm Ben FOX Ruben Gallego has come and gone and Google loaded. A lot of information a lot new products. Not futures really giving us over look at what its services are going to look like over the next couple of months ban. What was your big highlight your favorite for the yesterday's presentation? I would say probably the Google pixel three. A it's nice to see like a pixel named phone kind of like a flagship style phone that's four hundred dollars. It's about time that there's a least a little bit of pricing pressure pushing the prices lower down as opposed to everybody doing thousand plus not just four hundred dollars. But also a hedgerow Jack. Yes, hijack. Yes. Unbelievable. Gimmie look there are some Meyer trade-offs there right there. No wireless, charging water resistance, a weaker front facing hammer, but the back cameras the same the same nice shot mode. So there you can see they're trying to kiss. Post or something she doesn't have anyone to take. So sad. Well, as for me by say, Google was the most impressive to be offered off of the stuff is very pine sky Sifi ish, but they offer some really tangible benefits, particularly the translation be able to like hold your phone up to sign with four languages at. Having it translate that actually overlay English textile right or vice versa, like foreign language of. That's what you speak. That's lost the ability like Scana menu. And have those items? Pop up information on the like, the dishes the specific dishes pop up. That's like a real practical benefit to me. Yeah. It's nice to see the Google lenses. Actually like now starting to spread out a little bit more. It was really just for pixel devices if I'm correct about that. And now, I can get it on my Samsung phone, so I don't know I use it around my garden. Sometimes like what tree is this. So it's nice to see that they're trying to find different benefits for it. Right. Obviously. This was a data. So, of course, looks amazing. We'll have to see what it looks like it real and real world settings. What about the the lowlights? What what for you was disappointed? Man. So I don't know if you watch till the bitter end of the keynote there. Yeah. The bitter end of the keynote tends to be like really want. He airy like like, they really saved like the very end instead of doing like, a whole fireworks exhibit to be like, hey, check this out a lot of this research is actually like quite fascinating if you dig into it. But I don't know that it was really the right place to do it at the end of a keynote after everybody was sitting through an hour and a half of you know, a lot of heavy stuff. And I think that kind of illustrations the kind of weird balance they've gotta do they're really talking to consumers in the press. And they're talking to developers that was clearly the developer portion of the presentation, it was a little a little dense for sure as me Andrew Q was disappointing. I mean, there was some talk about foldable z-. But really the the big emphasis our privacy, which surface seems great. Just felt like it was a blue Katori. Ragu goals. Like, okay, we can Connie the time of privacy. Yes. Let's make privacy. A big focus in San Ryan. It did kind of feel little boring and a little forced right? But I did appreciate throughout the presentation where they did keep coming back to pry, the they're obviously very mindful of the fact that this is where we are right now in the tech world where people don't really care as much about what the features are. What what are you gonna do with my information? When you're providing us these features. So I appreciate it. But I agree with you that it was they could have made a little more interesting last time about the the nest hub max and a year. You're the the smart speakers play guy. Greg cool. So what did you think? I don't think that there was anything that really stood out specifically that made it that much different than the previous like, let's say you already had a Google home. I is this gonna get you to go buy new one probably not. So and. And I got to go about smart displays this one adds a camera. Right. Yes. Yes. It adds a camera. But I again, if you already have one are you going to go out and get a whole other one just for the Amer feature. I don't really think. So, but it is nice that they lowered the price on the original. So that's good to definitely more for moral. Google coverage accents are Roger Chan I'm Ben FOX urban. Thanks for listening.

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