U.S. Podcast Ad Revenues Hit Historic $479 Million in 2018



Podcasting made four hundred seventy nine million dollars in US and revenue last year. That's according to the bay, and PW WC, and it's an increase of fifty three percent year on year. It's estimated as well that the industry will be making over one billion dollars by twenty twenty one for comparison be. I a Kelsey estimate US terrestrial commercial radio to of earned fourteen point two billion in two thousand eighteen Sirius XM satellite radio earner further five point eight as predicted apple will create a brand new apple podcasts app for MAC OS, which will come in version, ten point one five of the operating system called Catalina. However, I tunes will continue as you know, it on windows machines, the new app, also clearly displays chapter points, which is nice apple also announced that podcast progress will be sink. Between devices and the availability of full text transcript. Search as well. Google ready offers both of those features that his Craig federici, the VP of software engineering and announcing it in the main, keynote. Our tension to podcast. It brings a dedicated podcast listening experience to the MAC and features all the great features you use to in Iowa's like, listen now, we can see new episodes and keep track of your listening across all of your devices, and it has a great new feature and it has to do with search, you know, sometimes you hear about something on the radio. Maybe our new podcast, something on the news. And you think I want to hear more about that? But you're not sure what show was on, or even that it appeared in the title will, now we use machine learning to index the contents of the spoken content of podcast. So now you can search that content and buying the podcast with just a few clicks in the app. It's great. Also from Apple's WW DC in the next version of IRS on the iphone and ipod touch apple podcasts will be on the front screen right next to one of the most used apps in the world, the app store, notes vox media's Zack Kahn, in a tweet. He says this will help first time listeners, discover podcasts and they also announced that watch OS the operating system on the apple watch will be capable of operating without an attached phone, and we'll also have access to a new streaming API Daniel j Lewis notes that this could be great for podcast consumption with only an apple watch in other news as we reported yesterday Tim Ferriss has made a decision to ditch the ads and just take donations for his podcast. Is that a wise, move, mayor valley any does the maths to take a look? I TV the UK commercial television company has signed a two year agreement for its podcasts to be placed in the global player. Radio and podcast app from global the UK commercial radio company. I TV have also signed with globals Dax advertising, platform target spot isn't to deal with signal the integration with the signal identity platform. The company says, in Abel's targets spot to precisely target the right listener, the right moment on the rights device shortly in the right spot golden age of podcasting, cliche news, now, as being t publishes an opinion piece from a costs Austrailia, and New Zealand boss, Henrik Isaacson, who predicts the next chapter in Austrailia, and podcast market. W also interviews, Edison research is Tom Webster on podcasting, route to mass media and event for you a podcast festival in Lisbon in Portugal. It's called poed and he's today's English, and it's on the ninth of November three new podcasts to tell you about this week the history of standup returns for new season today. Let. Of love in World War. Two is a true story from the second World War brought to life to Mark the seventy fifth anniversary of the d day landings this week written by Anna priest land and the podcast from the us national association of broadcasters. This week has a special guest editor that's me twenty two minute rump round the world in terms of podcasting.

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