Patriots' top tight end facing four-game suspension after coming out of retirement


We want to get caught up on obviously a big NFL story from over the course of the weekend. New England Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson is facing a four-game suspension for failed tests in March of the NFL's substance policy. Now, we hear that a lot, Mike and you hear four-game suspension and immediately most football fans roll their eyes and say, oh, my God. How did you do that? Why did you do that Benjamin Watson situation is a little different yet? Benoit's Watson situation is different a because most people when you hear about this happening, it generally tends to be guys that are trying to stick around in a roster guys that are sort of on the bubble. Ben Robertson's a Walter Payton man of the year guy nominee consistently. He's been one of the faces of. The NFL as far as character guys. So it might seem a little shocking at first Ben Watson took to his Facebook page and made a post explaining kind of what happened. Remember he retired this offseason he said, quote, after my contract expired last March. I told my doctors I was finished playing I went through a series of medical tests, and was prescribed bio identical to Stockton Sipe Nate to assist in healing. My body and mind on March twenty ninth nine days after I started therapy, I was randomly tested under our substance policies. I complied on a habit. Never thinking in a moment. I'd wanna come back in late April some clubs expressed interest in playing and after much deliberation prayer I decided, I wanted to return considering myself previously retired I'd forgotten all about my test in March until I got a letter on may third saying my result results were positive, I was devastated for obvious reasons, did not want to proceed at that point. I knew my decision to return to play with include a four game suspension, and I immediately discussed this new development with the club's. I'm excited thankful to return to New England but very. Disappointed. I will not be able to play. And contribute immediately went on to say. This is not how he wanted to come back into a locker room but basically saying I was prescribed this. When I thought I was done playing I decided to come back and play. Now, this became an issue, all of it makes sense. I mean, that that is a reasonable explanation. You know, he's talked about, like when you're a little kid, and you're mom, says, don't give me an excuse. Like reasons excuses. Sometimes it's a very gray area. This feels like a very reasonable explanation. The end of the day, does the league care should the league care. I don't know about that. That's the tough part of me. It's a great explanation. I don't know that it changes any of the action. He can obviously appeal it. I don't know that to the NFL that they can go down the slippery slope of trying to explain that we're trying to let that explanation change of punishment and they won't Benz not gonna push him on it, which the other part of this. He said, I respect the regulations that have been collectively bargain to promote fairness on the field of play and accept the discipline associated with infraction. So he's not going to appeal is now whether the wood. Do that on his behalf just because that's what the PA does you appeal all of these things to try and guard against anything going forward, but he's not going to appeal that. And honestly, if anyone other than Ben Watson, I would have questions about this. Like a guy that retires and gets test and takes it with no intention of coming back, and then forgets about a month later when he decided to come back like most situations. I would say you're too smart to kind of understand that, but Ben Watson is so overwhelmingly, regarded as a man of such high character and is always, so consistently been that, that if anyone is going to get the benefit of the doubt for me. It's probably going to be Ben to that point benefit of the doubt or lack, thereof is something that's earned based on past action. And that's there has to be some equity for the way that you've sort of spent your career and the person you've been, especially even to your point with his with his closing comment that he's not going to challenge. I mean, that's just sort of even more puts a puts a feather in the cap of look, I understand why this is happening. This is what I did. This is how. Happens now it does create a little bit of a situation for the patriots at position. That was also all ready presumed to be thin because of the loss of rob gronkowski. Now, nobody going to say the Benoit's him is going to replace rob gronkowski. We understand that we all expect a different look to the patriots offense, this fall to try and make up for that production somewhere in kill Harry, somebody that we've heard a lot about big body. And rob naked talked about him last week on the show, there's been several conversations about he's going to get a lot of looks to sort of replace. Some of that production, though, does create a little bit of a lack of a solid piece that you can rely on that. You know what you're gonna get out for the first four weeks of the season. It's perfect for a guy that heading into his fifteenth NFL season who's thirty eight years old. He's now going to get the first four weeks of the season to chill like he's going to get the first four weeks of the season on the show. The patriots are going to be a playoff team. They're going to figure out what to do in a post gronkowski world. That's just you talking about. Of the doubt. That's the benefit of the doubt that we give them. So now he gets four games on the shelf to come back later in the season. We're we still haven't ruled out the idea that rob gronkowski might be someone they call upon if there's another postseason run in store for the patriots. So in my mind in this situation, because also any sort of PD infraction is not anything NFL fans who care about, we've demonstrated that time and time again, it serves suspension, get back out in the field start playing more football for us. But this is the perfect blueprint of how to deal with it and get behind you transparency about the process, accepting the penalty, and not really going and making this some sort of lengthy appeals, and then worrying about getting back on the field and being the man, we all know Ben Watson to be, it's the perfect blueprint for anyone to follow. Who's in the

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