Hollywood Dream Machines exhibit explores sci-fi vehicles used on screen


This marketplace podcast is brought to you by the Michigan economic Development Corporation, John Rimini, founder and CEO at airspace. Experienced technology says in Michigan revolution is in the air. Find out what planet is doing to help businesses make that possible at planet m dot com. That's P. L. A. N. E T, M dot com. To solve the scourge of the car. Maybe we have to go back back to the future from American public media. This is marketplace. Tech demystifying the digital economy, I'm Jack Stewart info. Molly would. The future of causes always exciting and always just around the corner. Things like self driving cars have been five years away, for I'd say about forty years now, but there are times when pure imagination is exactly what's needed when vehicles have to be as out there as possible nearly incredible. 'cause or a big part of science fiction TV shows and movies. They're often characters themselves, and someone has to make them I went to see some of the creations of writers directors and designers at a new exhibition at the Petersen automotive museum in Los Angeles. It's called Hollywood dream machines. And there cause from Mad Max Bladerunner and the classic Star Wars amongst others. Brian Stevens is exhibition director at the museum, and he started by explaining how a car designer works with a filmmaker in the use of vehicles in Hollywood productions. There are a number of scenarios, one of, which is the need to design a car from scratch to fulfill the vision of the producers of the directors of the film, in many. Cases though. There are pre existing cars that do just that and there's no need to design a car from scratch, and when it came time to create back to the future just so happened, that this very exotic wild stainless steel bodied car existed. In fact, was very much in the public eye. Do some lawsuits at the time which which made it a perfect option for this particular use in this particular film. Doc. Are you telling me that you built a time machine? The way I see it if you're going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it from style now that we are up close, I can see. There are a lot of wires zip ties parts that look almost unfinished. Yes. Which is deliberate in this case, the producers and directors of the film didn't want something polished, they wanted something that looked like it was handmade in a garage. So you worked with designers of some of these actually put this exhibit together. How important, did they say it is to be accurate as opposed to just be entertaining when the coming up with these visions of the future. I think it's a combination of both if you're projecting fifty years in the future. I think accuracy is, is going to be difficult to achieve, regardless of what you what you propose, but they certainly do want some level of realism when you start getting into science fiction films as opposed to Pierce to pure fantasy films. You do want there to be an element of science basis, you want there to be something that seems even somewhat. Ause -able about what you're predicting. So you have kit here, for example, from Knight rider from what the voice of industry thousands microprocessor K IT for easy reference. A can't. If you prefer, do you think that, that was fully autonomous long before most of us had heard of even the concept of self driving, 'cause it's a 'cause like that an inspiration to real engineers and real designers, I think there's no question that when today's designers were children, watching these television shows in these movies that they are even potentially subconsciously gaining inspiration from what they see. And that's probably part of why we see some of the technologies that are shown in these vehicles. Eventually become real Brian Stevens, taking us on a semi nostalgic semi futuristic, look at the cause of Hollywood at the Petersen automotive museum in Los Angeles, fun facts. I learned from him in the early drafts of the back to the future. Script the time machine wasn't built into a cholera toll. It was built into refrigerator. I'm not sure I would have enjoyed the movie. Quite as much. And now for some related links. Check out the exhibition website if you want some inspiration for movies have been Joan this holiday. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed some of them the Audi r s q concept from I robot made me want to watch that all over again. And I will be streaming the original Bladerunner as well as twenty four thousand nine to see that vision of Los Angeles with spinners in the dark and rainy skies in terms of making these sci-fi visions come true. The Atlantic has a great story with the headline flying cause a real and then not bad for the climate that describes the efforts to build a new type of electric flying machine that isn't a plane and isn't a helicopter but could fly building to building top skipping city traffic. And it's not just frustrated commuters who could benefit as sea levels rise coastal cities, like Miami, a going to have to go to ever greater lengths to mitigate the impacts of climate change. So we'll also link you to a court. Story about developers in that Florida city who are already designing buildings where rooftop observation decks can be converted into flying, taxi poets, if you didn't catch recent marketplace tech series on climate change at up, by the way, it's called how we survive in the podcasts are online to where we're going. Maybe we really need roads. I'm Jack Stewart. And that's today's marketplace tech. This is a PM. 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