A Sneak Peak of Elton John's 'Rocketman'


A sneak peek of rocket man, which opens visit open tomorrow or next weekend next next weekend. If you could double check that anyway, rocket man, we can say, jukebox movies are here. Bohemian rhapsody turned out to be the bellwether. Ding, ding, ding, money it made. And we get racket man, which is the Elton John. Jukebox Moos movie. But it is. It was so good. You guys. It's tomorrow. Okay. Fun was so good. And you know what I think the thing I took away. You know, John is a fifty year career. And you we he's kind of under appreciate how much of the soundtrack of everybody's life says, like for a lot of younger people, they didn't know who Elton John was really until Princess Diana died, and they hurt his candle in the wind song. But the Terron Eggerton is the, the actual plays Elton John. He's basically I agree with Rolling Stone magazine. Peter Travers said that Taron Egerton is the lady Gaga and the bread, the Cooper roll together all in one in this movie allow. Because you see Elton. We see him as a child prodigy. We see them young and we don't realize all the music that we hear the stories kind of told through song. Okay. But all the music that we hear his most famous hits were written, like in the span of about seven years, and he went from just being as Donnie told Chester day like this session piano, because he was like, really a great musician. He meets Bernie topping who's not a romantic relationship. They're dear friends played. Amazingly gorgeous leave. Well by Jamie bell, the little boy from Billy Elliot Bernie Taupin, and then but tyranny Agar ten is just he's flamboyant. He's hard he sweet in the we've talked about Tate. Donovan is in it. He plays the charismatic longtime manager manager and owner of the troubadour. And as always scouting England to bring axe to the tuber door to show off to the Hollywood kids, how interesting it costs to me, much like in bohemian, rhapsody, the custom designer recreates, because at the end of the movie stay for the credits because they show side by side of Taron Eggerton. Like, in the first outfit, he wore at the troubadour would Elton war Madison Square Garden, this performance they show side by side. But. It was it was how unappreciated Elton John is for like, what he's done like his. There wasn't a drug. He didn't do there wasn't a kind of decadent hedonism. He still loves to shop. That's like really his only basically doing all those drugs and surviving, but yeah, kind of kind of them. What he's also done in how immensely talented Elton John and Bernie, top and were together as songwriters Bernie top. And he's the lyricist. And then L Tim would come up with the metal melody in top would just give him Lear s and he would hear it in his ears. And I know you don't like the song crocodile rock, but that is the song that blasted him into the stratosphere in the US. And I guess the way they show it in the movie. When you see it, and how it starts, and how radically different. It was from anything. That was on the radio. You can't help but fall in love with that song again, for when you remember the first time you heard that opening chord. And at first people were just like, who is this weird looking English guy with the wacky outfit? He had suspenders on and like a star shirt. It was like nineteen seventy two and these wacky glasses. But, you know, just starts out kind of this melodic piano thing. And then all of a sudden it crashes into this amazing kind of rock song, about remember when you're young and just getting in trouble and causing, you know, having so much fun and the crowd just went nuts. And it was it was just really, really good. I think are going to enjoy it, Danny you should play because he's on the phone. He's talking to him probably about, like they saw John in nineteen seventy. Somebody about nineteen seventy actually the trooper. Okay. Was that the Kazini came out with the album that I think we sat transfixed a your family. Which later was the double album and every son had headed different font in a different color. And we'd sit there and my sister, Gina got it. And we'd just sit there and read and sing. Yeah. I think, you know, I think there's like a dozen songs that we hear in the movie, and the movies kind of told through those songs. But his it go from just the seventies or is it a collective of his life to now? Well, it, it ends at a certain point. And then it has, like it ends at a certain point in his life. And then it has, you know, it gives you an update on what's going on. But it gives you. Yeah, it probably gives you like maybe twenty bright Bryce Dallas. Howard is his mom. And she was just really awful. Remember, I told you this story? They weren't talking on her ninetieth birthday. Yes. I'm she didn't Elton John impersonators birthday party. She told him we, you know, she knew he was gay, but she was very dismissive of him being gay, and basically, always, let him know he'd never really beloved which was the source of a lot of his pain, and, oh, my gosh. Is there a hot you guys wolf wolf wolf? We Kellyanne t there is an amazingly, great hot sex scene, a yeah, I wanted to just go go down lower camera pan down. It was it was, it was steaming at Elton John and the guy who kind it will become his manager, who thinks he's in. They are in love, but he's played by Richard man, rod stark in the guy from bodyguards. Yes. And the seventies fashion is just everything. And you really do see some decadence and I dunno. It was he loved it. I just I, I loved it and, and reginal Dwight you know, had a bleak, childhood. I heard his dad was a piece of work. Oh my God. Who's reginal white bright, his Elton John's ain't? Yeah. Yes. Okay. God. When we yeah, that was his real name, John, John comes from a Long, John Baldry blues musician, read a lot of influence on him and the other Elton comes from his friend Elton. Dean, dean. Yeah. And you see that in the movie he says, I'm taking

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