Drones Are Hurting Flood Rescue Efforts in Oklahoma


Authorities in Oklahoma state thrones are hurting the flood rescue efforts. Here's more from USA's Chris Barnes. The tosa area hit hard by dangerous flooding as the Arkansas river continues to rise an emergency. Helicopters have been tried to search for flood victims and drop supplies in the area. But sergeant Richard Newland verb of the Tulsa police says their efforts have been hampered by people trying to take pictures of the damage with groans. We're having people are flying. Drones out there outside of the state of regulations. He says about thirty drones we're flying. Illegally at one time in the area on Tuesday and the helicopters had to be kept away to avoid a crash. There's more rain in the forecast in western Arkansas, with the Arkansas river is nearing its crest governor ASA Hutchinson. We are looking at nature and its power and its, and it can be very devastating. And so we have to take this very seriously.

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