At least 12 dead, 6 injured in Virginia Beach mass shooting


Saw the inside of the Virginia Beach. Municipal building is so horrific. Police chief James severa said his officers were less scarred, own physical, emotional, and psychological toll on everyone who spent the night inside after to building eleven of the twelve deceased victims were killed at the scene. The twelve died at the hospital. All, but one were city employees as was the gunman Dwayne critic of fifteen year employees killed in a long gun battle with police. The gunman is described as a disgruntled employee of the city engineer for fifteen years who still had a security pass to get in, although there are reports he had been disciplined at work. It's not something city officials are confirming at this point, former FBI agent and ABC news contributor, Brad Garret tells us, it may have been difficult crime to prevent is it reasonable to have metal detectors and armed guards at a utilities facility at a city Civic Center in the answer is no. And so that's the problem when you try to defense against mass shootings is, if you can't get information prior to the shooting, but most of the time that doesn't happen. And so what ends up being a situation where people can walk into buildings if they want to kill people and start shooting in most environments police say they found more weapons in his possession, and that he used a suppressor on the forty five caliber gun, which is legal in the state of Virginia. But not in the city of

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