A galactic first? Hanford scientists may have seen a black hole swallowing a neutron


Scientists said they detected what they think could be a neutron star smashing into a black hole. Embarrassed greenfieldboyce reports that if that's true, it's a first resilience the possible event was detected by massive instruments that look for gravitational waves. These are ripples in the very fabric of the universe. Created. By violent cosmic collisions, gravitational wave detectors called l'aigle and Virgo were switched on April. First after a long period of downtime for upgrades. Jesse? Macgyver is Aliko scientist at Caltech the entire esta physics communities very excited that we've already seen five candidate events for weeks. Three of them appear to be pairs of colliding black holes. The other two collisions involved neutron stars. These are super dense stars more massive than our sun. But only the size of a

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