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Do you have questions about social security, you know, at what age should you sign up for Medicare or whatever, gives a show? We'll be back. And welcome back. We're sitting here talking with Alex Lawson of social security works dot org. And so that's though Thomas don't worry. Okay. We are dot org could but yeah, I did the same thing. So the. So social security disability is not different from social security first off right in how does only one how, you know. Okay. And. The attack that you're seeing right now is on basically the cost of living increases with social security. Yeah. And we'll say we're also seeing the normal attacks. So it's always put them into three buckets, there's like new and novel attacks on, because they're always looking for ways in Vevey being the Republican party, and Republican party. Yes. But also anyone aligned with Wall Street interests, so Democrats against to definitely Wall Street Dem's. You know, like we Tom Carper from Delaware has never been a friend of social security, for example, because the big banks want to be the ones, the only ones who are offering old age pension. That's exactly right. As long as social security exists, people don't have to put all of their eggs in a Wall Street basket, which is good because Wall Street, then takes the basket and onto their yacht. And maybe you get an egg mcmuffin from it, but they get the exit all across America, ever since Reagan at all. The people who've lost their pensions when they're bankrupt and bankrupted their, their pension funds and things I mean, you know, those that was all money stashed in banks. Yes. And what, what you're seeing is what they really want is for everyone to be relying on the market. So they do everything they can to, to destroy social security, the new and novel ones are this, poverty line, which you'll see in the news and won't mention anything about social security will say something like Donald Trump reconfiguring. How poverty is calculated. But that's a sneak attack on social security, evolve Trump and Marco Rubio came up with this idea this family, family. Leave idea, right? Like paid family leave, but it wasn't paid family leave. It actually took your own social security, and you paid for your family, leave. We have you seen that one? That's actually the most interesting of the new attacks. So they've done it on a couple issues. But the idea there is to get people to think of their soc. Security, not as wage insurance, but as a as money that they could be conned into using to pay for other things that they want so that you're like, no, no. How about we just have paid family leave, and we pay for it by taxing bankers, and we don't actually take it out of our own retirement. So they've done it on student loans. If done it on family, leave, those are the novel attacks that we're seeing then the normal straight on coming for our benefits attack. That's the deficit one you're talking about. And then the administrative budget attacks. Those are the three areas that, that social security works were always playing defense by going massively on offense though.

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