Closer Craig Kimbrel, Cubs finalize $43M, 3-year deal


Big news for baseball fans. The Chicago Cubs signed relief pitcher Craig kimbrel yesterday. He was the Red Sox closer that was still on the market because he wanted a lot of money. And this is bizarre thing, the cubs were able to afford him because one of their players wives is a tramp. So Ben zobrist the hero of the World Series run back in two thousand sixteen the MVP according to divorce documents his wife, cheated on him and they're going through a nasty divorce. Benzel breast has not played baseball for the cubs in months, he's on a personal leave of absence. Meaning he is not getting paid. The cubs can keep that money because they personal leave. So what the cubs of done is take that money. That was supposed to go to Ben zobrist along with some other money, and they went out and got the best available closer on the market. So because Ben's Obama's wife cheated on him. They were able to afford to upgrade the bullpen. That's awful for so brisk. He must be going through something awful, then if he's taking a leave of absence in coming back on it, now it looks like he's not going to come back because, honestly, the cubs of giving away his money now. So it's a bizarre situation and I hate to see go out like that. He was a hero fans. He deserved to go out on better terms than that. But at the same time, I will absolutely take

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