Kevin Durant questionable for Game 5


Meaning if you take Kevin Durant money, he goes to the Knicks not all of it's going to Klay Thompson. Okay. There's going to be money that's going to be allocated to a bench. You can look and improve the five because you know that between looney and the hologram that's cousins, you're going to have to make an upgrade. So not everything there is going. To remain the same simply by plucking Kevin Durant out. This is not a true glimpse into the future of what the warriors would be like after Kevin Durant. This is not the wasteland post Kevin Durant. Him leaving to the Knicks is going to open up a huge amount of money that you can then allocate to improve this basketball team. So you're going to see something out there in which Durant himself leaving will open up the pocket books for the warriors owners and they'll fix that situation until we get we've got gained five and Steph curry is trying to explain to everybody out there that they're not just going to sit back and watch Kevin Durant, that this is not going to be hero ball by Kevin Durant. They must change much at all as having another a weapon out there that can do some very dynamic things on the floor and will be able to adjust and transition pretty pretty smoothly. I think that for curry clay Draymond Kerr. Everybody that you can think of. You can't really change much and you kind of have to look at game five as or as the real microcosm, for what the warriors have been with Kevin Durant. I mean you really have to look at what the warriors were before Durant. And again, I know that the chemical make-up's different when you have to pay Kevin Durant so much money, but you have to look at what they were before, and then adding such a major luxury. Mean you think about that major luxury of just being able to say, oh, yeah, by the way, we've won a lot. And now we're adding the best or in this case, now, second best because we see what Leonard is player in the NBA that changes everything. So you go through what you were doing shots. That were open that you missed things like that. That doesn't change the only difference is that you've got Kevin Durant. Now that can go up against Leonard, you've got Kevin Durant. Now that should be able to knock down a bunch of those shots. However, we don't know what type of rent, you're getting or work. Getting or Golden State's getting nobody has any idea. Nobody has any clue. So for me, I think the biggest picture that I can walk away with before actually see them play Monday night, is Kevin Durant's luxury Kevin Durant and add on as an extension. A piece of jewelry. He's not the real thing. And the reason why is because until he comes out there and drops forty and holds co I two twenty and his plus eighteen at the end of the night, or whatever would come out to. I know that, that math didn't take hold up. But you understand what I'm saying, like forty plus twenty twenty two something like that, and pretty good. Plus until we get that. And see that I don't know. The guy hasn't played a month. And we can't expect him to just be plucked into the situation like it's nothing. Oh, yeah. It was. It's easy. Now, I'll say this. They've got more talent than we've seen. They've got more talent with Kevin Durant than the raptors have seen. So the difference here is you better understand that with Kevin Durant now fifty to sixty percent. That's better. If you're the raptors saying, that's better than anything. You've seen so far minus curry and Klay. And I guess half of Draymond. But it's not just that it's not just the return of Kevin Durant. It's also Steph curry spoke about this understanding that they really are burning both ends of this candle of being on the opposite end knowing what it is to beat Toronto on the verge of they hope and Golden State in Oakland, collapsing, verses closing it out. And really surprising

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