Disney Takes Full Operational Control Of Hulu, Will Buy Out Comcast In Five Years

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The annual up-front are taking place this week in New York City. It's when broadcast and cable networks gathered to unveil their fall lineups and make their pitch to advertisers today. Disney announced its plans to buy com casher of Hulu for no less than five point eight billion dollars giving Disney full control of the streaming site. Bloomberg news reporter, Lucas Shaw told me what Disney plans to do with its new acquisition all the executives who that asked. Today said it was too soon to know, you know, one divide that we know is that is neat. Plus or all of the family fund friendly has classic Disney programs so Pixar, and then also some marvel and in Star Wars who is going to be home to more of the adult show. So like, the FX network which had American horror story and people for so Jay and pose those shows are likely to live on. Hulu how exactly that's gonna work still being sorted out. Some of the other networks, you know, what's the different shows on ABC or could end up in in both places. And also dizzy has ESPN plus which is going to be sports streaming service. So Disney total will have what five streaming platforms in the next couple of years or four at least by the end of this year. It'll have the three big ones of of Disney, plus. Who and ESPN plus, and then there may be some some smaller one round the margin. But I think if you're gonna put all of its investment into those three as John Landgraf, the head of FX said this morning, there's not a whole lot of sense in being a smaller streaming service competing now that you have some of these huge companies, apple Amazon. Netflix is knee AT and T com. Asked all kind of racing toward the same place. John Landgraf also says he's letting FX now go away. And instead the streaming for FX will now go on Hulu. So it does feel like there's a massive consolidation even between the FOX and Disney and ABC assets right now. Yeah. And it's funny. You know, we used to talk about in the entertainment business. There's a lot of talk about the six meters ios, and that was mostly in reference to the movies, but it's true and TV too and that six has shifted where you still because of the consolidation. The Disney is is still a really big player. Universal is through Comcast which owns it. But you know, have the. Of the tech guys seated at that table thing that also seems to be happening is that the networks are canceling a lot of shows, and obviously that are going to be introducing new ones does it feel as if they're higher profile shows that are now being axed. The number of shows that really matter on broadcast has gone down. You know, you look at what the ratings are what the shows that people are talking about. And they're just not a lot of new broadcast hits every year. You know, when you were talking making reference to big shows getting cancelled one of the big shows that you think got cancelled with was empire, you know, just four years ago that was the big new hit on TV. You know, great news for FOX it added viewers every week season. Finale was watched by like seventeen eighteen million people and just a few years later the audience for that show is really shriveled. It's not even one of the sixty most watched shows on on TV anymore. So it seemed to make sense for FOX to have that end after six season, and then the type of show that really capitalizes and an audience every year like empire did a few years ago is few and far between you've had empire that this is compare that the number of sexy shows that have come out on streaming or on cable in recent years in broadcasts and share of pop culture, just shrinks every year dizzy. His obviously been on a spending spree and buying a lot of the assets of Twentieth Century, Fox. And now, it's Hulu deal. Are there are other networks and media companies that feel like they're a little bit behind is there one network. In other words, that has more to prove at the up front than others right now that, you know, the companies that have a lot to prove or actually the the smaller media companies that own cable network, most of the companies that own a big broadcast network CBS NBC ABC FOX are in a little stronger position because the audiences for those broadcast networks are still quite large. Whereas the audience is for a lot of these smaller cable networks the ones owned by discovery. Viacom, AMC networks aren't a little more little more of a challenge. But among the four broadcast networks NBC and CBS are far ahead of their competition. ABC announced that it is cancelling an Oscar host for next year's award show. The head of ABC said they were so pleased with with how the show went this year the ratings were up, and they announced that on the same day that they said that Jimmy Kimmel was sticking around for another three years. So it would have seemed like if you wanted to have him come back as as Oskar host. You might put that announcement together. But Franken is as you're as somebody who watches the Oscars. I thought it worked pretty well. Without a host didn't talk specifically about NBC. It's part of Comcast. And NBC universal is going to launch its own streaming service. How does it affect shows like the office, which right now is available on Netflix? But might be going away is that the right impression the fate of shows like the office and friends and some of the reruns that are quite popular on Netflix is is is up for debate right now what you have is companies like Comcast and AT and T who studios own though shows trying to decide what they want to do with them because they're coming up with their own streaming services. You certainly want to have if you're Comcast. You wanna have the office on the NBC universal streaming service. If you're eighty and he Warner media, you wanna be able to offer friends on yours, but you get paid so much money by net flicks for those reruns, and you get to expose that show to to a bunch of those. You're netflix. It's the largest audience if any streaming service, so what they may do is take an of a almost like a timeshare approach where it'll it'll exist on both. And it's not so different. You know, friends is on Netflix now, but reruns are also vailable on traditional TV on different cable networks, and so you could see media companies do that or they may choose to remove the show altogether. They haven't announced plans brighter, those programs yet

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