Samsung: You won't be using smartphones in 5 years


Samsung design ahead at canyon gee said the reason for building a foldable phone at samsung remember the galaxy fold but still hasn't come out yet was that smartphone design has hit a limit and he added this last which i think is the most interesting in five years or so people not even realize they are wearing screens you know i i don't disagree with this i think that that is true i think it's it's very hard for you and i to you know kind of like get to the point where we're like okay this thing this object where i'd i access to the internet and access maps and all my information mission comes from that is just going to like be part of my you know my person yes it is an i n n it it it's it's the same way that twenty years ago none of us could ever consider smartphone we couldn't we couldn't make them up they did not exist you just you just couldn't put that much processing power and something that you could stick in their pocket right we just one yeah yet and then what is the interface it's gonna be like 'cause remember the old compaq a windows mobile devices they won't even phones right but they had full keyboards on them and some people still say parents were physical keyboard by the way touchscreen that made it so then you could do more with these 'cause the screen could be bigger yeah yeah so i dunno i mean i i think it's easy for a ceo of a very popular company who makes a lot of popular products to be like hey you know don't worry we're gonna we're gonna get to that next phase of life and you know everything's gonna be embedded under skinner whatever 'em but not that that's exactly what he said but you know sort of implication right but but yeah like how does that happen i i one thing i will say is it needs to be convenient right the average over to a touchscreen interface with is huge because you know you're options were either had a full that keyboard or he had a stylist which in in both cases are kinda inconvenient even the first 'em the first a a a a android phone at papa keyboards and they were pretty popular but at some point people were like well you know this isn't there a us easier less complicated way they interact with the phone and whatever comes after the smartphone use the have just says you know i should not maybe not i guess easy but very straightforward method of of interface with it because if it's complicated if it's if it's a wearable technology and unita have you're asleep you jacket in order for you're you know display glasses to work you're always gonna be wearing the same jacket in that might not always be convenient depending on how thick the jacket is you know it's a hot or cold climate or you know for a multitude of reasons it just needs to be effortless like you wake up in the morning and not have the right leg in okay so think about the conversation we had yesterday about hybrid cars needing to have more sound so they didn't like hurting people right like we did there are lots of situations where you're where the technology is ahead of us like the humans haven't caught up to the technology yet we have a kinda dialed back to make it work for us because that fee only thing we know yeah and i think this is a good example of that when you say it has to be convenient that's just in some ways that's just saying a for the next thing to be the next thing it has to be the next thing right like it was the same there is the same inconceivable situation with phones right how could we ever have a computer actually even in a laptop for making never be a a powerful enough because you need bigger components to make it powerful but we figured that out right and if you own there's gonna be a computer well it would have to have a better interface right because you've got such a small form factor can never give me the interface a laptop can but we

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