Joe Horrigan leaves Pro Football Hall of Fame after 42 years


Joe Horrigan. Yes. Forty two years, the keeper of the flame at the pro football fame his last day on the job as yesterday. Mean so would you see the buildings still standing? I don't know. Personally held it up in confirmed. But one of the nicest sweetest guys. ESPN did a story about have over the weekend. I mean he has been doing everything for the hall of fame. And in terms of a great story when we first. When we. Like the sweetest man he would be the ones calling the hall of famers on the phone to let them know. A couple times doing pretty cool, rich because. Yeah, because we all right? So I'll tell story here. So we're on the air in, in Houston, Texas, at the Super Bowl for Super Bowl thirty eight our first one we ever did. Okay. Or the calendar year two thousand four NFL season two thousand three year that the patriots. The panthers. And then we watched them beat the eagles the next year Jacksonville. So reason why I'm bringing this up is our set was right near in the convention center, I ever NFL total axis set right near the main convention center dra- hall like the largest room in the convention center where they held all the press conferences, including for the pro football hall of fame. Now all you folks out there. No, the pro football hall of fame class is announced now at the NFL honors they try to keep it quiet. David Baker, the president of the pro football hall of fame walks around and knocks on doors of hotel rooms were all the eligible finalists are holed up with their families hoping to hear that knock on the door, and it's created some really amazing video moments where David Baker lets the players know that. They're now fully enshrined. They're immortal. It's like a very nice. It's, it's like a publisher's clearinghouse moment without the check. Right. So that's the way it's done now. And they try and keep that quiet until it's announced that the NFL honors a used to be they just announced in the press conference. That's it. And the players who were finalists were invited to the Super Bowl city and those that thought they were gonna make it showed up. Others were working on TV in many other parts of their their lives. There were working professionally at the Super Bowl and for just happened to be there, and some just wouldn't show because they didn't wanna show up to the host city and then find out they didn't make it. It's expensive. You know, and it stinks. I remember one year Warren Moon. Told me the year he got in Warren Moon. Was in town, and he was driving in a car. Somewhere around the city. I forget, what city was announced he was ending his driving in a car, and he was either going to get the phone call from the hall to say that he was in and he'd show up at the convention center drive convention center, or you didn't get the call, Dr the airport. Town. So that's the way it used to be. We're sitting there. And our green room was right next to our NFL, total access at, and John Elway and Barry Sanders, went in that year together. Jill. Look that up for me, make sure that this might not a pulling this story here. Was it? John Elway in Barry Sanders. Think went into the same pro football hall of fame class in the summer of two thousand four. And they were announced N Houston together, and they were. Correct. And they were in our green room. They were in our green room, just chilling out before they were being brought into the draft hall into the into the convention center, press conference hall room. And being announced. And we got an idea at the NFL network. You know what? Let's make this a thing. Like we had video of them waiting, and just we could have interviewed them and like, okay so players are here. And the press conference is going there. Let's televise the press conference. So the next year, I was the host of the press conference, and it was. Difficult. Tap dancing for me when I'm up there and hard-bitten media of the NFL world was used to just having the announcement happen. Right. And those who were there showing up and they'd be there, and they'd find out the rest of them. Instead, we just drew. We I think I kinda Jim great it like we try to draw out and the people in the room. The media members room really getting pissed off. So next year, it was just like we're gonna nounce them and wait for the people to come and show up, and then I would interview them, but sometimes it would take them five ten minutes to get to the convention center. And then the meantime, we would Joe would get the guys who was not who are not there on the phone for me to interview live. I remember those. Joe a couple of times me on live NFL network television. Just trying to tap. That's I forget the name of the guy, you don't have to look it up either. He was a veterans committee. And shrining who had been out of public life for very long time. And I'll be honest with you, who I never heard of I had no idea, he played like it was really from a long time ago. But we were so desperate to fill time. Joe got him on the phone. I don't wanna say. Joe got the guy on the phone, and as we're coming back from commercial break, he tells me, so and so's on the phone, but he probably can only answer questions because he has dimension. Mike ally. Gosh and Joe then ran away. Because he had another phone call to make. Sweetheart. I mean this guy is just so and I just was okay. You know, this is a great moment for this man, I asked him a couple of questions. He was able to actually answer them. But Joe gave me that nice little heads up. You know, hey, just right heads up for you. I may not be able to answer a single question. Guy. He just a sweetheart of a guy and I just wanted to say, thank you, Joe, he's out there, driving around, or he's on the driving range, or wherever somebody just let them know gave a

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