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In 2024. And there are also some big changes on the table for metro rail next year. You may have shorter wait times between trains and how much you'll pay to ride could be different too. Metro's planning to have a train at core stations every three to 6 minutes. System wide they'll raise frequency to every 8 to 12 minutes. Another big change in the proposed budget fair restructuring for metro rail. It would become a simpler $2 base fair with 40 cents added for every mile travel. A high end fare will be around 6 50 for weekdays, all in all about a 5% increase for fares. They'll still keep that $2 late night and weekend fare and would also implement a low income fair program for certain riders. This next budget is expected to start July 1st. Luke Luger WTO news. Virginia's governor is putting an end to prosecuting COVID-19 fines and penalties and anyone who did get sided with violation could get their money back. Governor Glenn youngkin says it's part of a statewide review of COVID related penalties imposed by former governor Ralph northam's administration. State agencies are being directed to report all fines, fees, and suspensions related to the COVID shutdown orders, a reimbursement process is being worked up for people in business who paid what the governor called unjust COVID finds. That plan will be included in the governor's budget, which will be delivered next Thursday. Coming up after traffic and weather, we will have an update on the shooting that occurred recently at a Chesapeake Virginia Walmart and an unmarked police car shots fired and a gun shop employee faces charges on Kate Ryan. It is one O 7. The public sector workplaces changing to keep up agencies need to modernize remote HR systems, DocuSign for government makes it easy to hire and manage employees and contractors

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