What Happens to Kevin McCarthy?


Happens to Kevin McCarthy? I mean, can he really stay on? In such a big position if, in fact, the house is run by the GOP. I mean, are people going to say, wait a second, maybe we need more change? Maybe we need to shake this up and maybe we need some new blood there in charge in Congress on the GOP that can maybe just maybe have a little backbone and stand up for themselves and their party. These are questions that are going to come into play. If in fact, they get the house, but that's where we are and think about that. Sure didn't seem way 24 hours ago. It sure seemed like there was a very solid shot of getting so many of these states. And if anything, this should be the wake-up call. The Republican Party needs. We have to be thoughtful. We have to be measured. We have to be deliberate. We need to follow the example of what we saw out of Florida in terms of having politicians with real chops. By the way, I mean, not that ivy leagues matter or anything, but let's declare desantis is not just some off the street, like the mainstream media would have you believe. In fact, the guy was at Yale for his undergrad. He did Harvard Law School. He was part of the jag program and was the attorney representing navy seals over in Iraq. I mean, he's got a heck of a pedigree, which you never really hear about because they just want to paint him as some dumb guy. Well, that some dumb guy? He's pretty darn smart.

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