Mark Shaw and Eric Discuss the Shady Dealings of the Kennedy Clan


1960, Joseph Kennedy, the father of JFK, RFK, teddy Kennedy. He had been a bootlegger. He had been involved with dark forces during prohibition, so he has these connections. He wants his son to be elected president. He makes a deal with these old colleagues. And as you just said, basically says, if you help me to get my son elected president, I will leave you alone. Exactly. And so then I had an eyewitness who was right at breakfast where Joe ordered JFK to a point Bobby Kennedy attorney general. And you can just imagine the reaction from those mafioso had helped him get in The White House because Bobby Kennedy during the mcclellan hearings, which were those racketeering Harry earrings years earlier, had gone after all those guys. James hoffa, Carlos Marcello, traffic Conte, all the Mickey Cohen, all of them. So they were alarmed and they should have been because one of the first things in 1961 that Bobby did was go after Marcelo, who was the New Orleans Don worth millions and millions of dollars, racketeering, prostitution, all kinds of things. This is a 100% classic portrayal like out of a movie. You make a deal with the mob and as soon as JFK appoints his brother, which is its own bizarreness, but appoints his brother. Everyone knows his brother RFK hates the mob and is going to go after them. So at that moment, you have big trouble brewing because as far as I know, the mob doesn't like to be double crossed.

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