Will New House Republicans Side With Democrats to Get Things Done?


You said blame them all. Trump Republicans, their media, their voters because they form a cluster of insanity and degradation, a heaving ball, heading towards a cliff, 2022 was us stepping out of the way before a dragged us with them. We're not out of danger yet, but damn, it feels like we've dodged a catastrophe. And boy, howdy. That is really true. I mean, yeah, go ahead. I mean, I think that on some level, if the house does go Republican, they're gonna have to do some of the stupid hearings that they talk about. I think they're still talking about a Hunter Biden hearing, which is just Travis. Sorry. I want to point out on that subject. I do think you're right that they're going to these hearings, but remember, these are going to have to be in committees and committees are going to be evenly divided because the house is so close. So all it takes is one Republican, one sane Republican, which I know that's a long shot, but from a district that flipped these new York people. They're not going to be able to risk these crazy votes to keep their receipts. So I don't even know if the investigations are going to move that much. Well, Chris Hayes tweeted, I feel like the universe wants the house to be 2018, 2017, and you said one Republican could certainly be tempted to go independent and caucus with Dems. I mean, I think the jury is really still out on what happens with the house. And I think that if it's within a couple of a couple of seats, which it seems like it's going to be, no, excuse me. Yeah. Too much joy. And swallow swallow. Where it seems like it's heading, certainly, some of those Republican representatives are going to say, okay, you know what? I'd rather get stuff done. Then have to sit through Marjorie Taylor Greene going off about drag

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